Some say that most Russian weddings repeat themselves. To a skeptical eye, they are all the same and dull. On a typical Russian wedding, one has to drink along with everybody else for the celebration to play out in bright colors. It depends on two factors: the budget and the taste of the newlyweds, their desire to do something out of the box. And you know what? When it comes to creative feasts, Russians are just at the whole new level compared to the rest of the world.

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Russian wedding traditions

Weddings in Russia wouldn’t exist without a little torture for the couples. The spouses have to experience a heavy stress in anticipation of the upcoming wedding: make up the list of guests, choose the clothes they will wear, what car to rent, what flowers to use for decoration, etc. In this regard, Russian wedding is similar to all others. Yet Russians thought it was not enough and they figured out two main traditions that distinguish it: wife-purchasing and wife-stealing.

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Wife-purchasing assumes that if you want to get your wife out of her home, you need to pay her relatives, and money is not the currency they need. A would-be husband is ought to answer the riddles, sing songs, perform stand-up comedy – anything the fiancée’s friends or relatives can think of.

That traditional Russian wedding custom won’t let the fiancé see his fiancée even if he has solved all the riddles and fulfilled her parents’ wishes. That is the time for wife-stealing. So, don’t be surprised if under the veil you’ll find her grandpa. If it’s Russian women for marriage you are looking for, then you’ll need to find your sweetheart somehow.

Having found the fiancée, it is the time to depart from home to that amazing special place where the main party takes place.

Traditional venues

It is common to hang love locks on the bridge, which is also typical for any CIS country.

To marry a Russian woman, one doesn’t have to buy out some fancy restaurant. The fun you get in the process is far more important. One of the typical traditions is to shower the newlyweds with groats and coins, which are believed to be the symbols of wealth and wellness, respectively. Relatives can create a rain of candies (for the life to be sweet) and spangles (for the life to be bright and romantic). Once the newlyweds enter the restaurant, a loaf of Russian bread (karavai – Russian) is brought for them to bite off the biggest piece. Whoever gets the biggest piece is going to be dominating in the family. Then, there comes a banquet.

Salads, pork, marinated pickles, various soups, borsch, crusty fish, stuffed pork, vodka, more pork, vodka again! It takes a great load of time for the guests to deal with all the dishes before they start shouting “gorko!” (“bitter”). The shouting takes place because food doesn’t taste as good as it used to and to solve this issue, the fiancé and fiancée, without delay, should kiss – the longer, the better.

Modern peculiarities of a Russian wedding

However, modern weddings tend to lose that crazy flavor of Russian weddings. If you look at Russian girls for marriage in their 20s, then they can gladly discard the aforementioned ways. Modern Russians seem to find comfort in celebrating it in the inner circle of people with only the best friends invited.

They are not eager to share their moment of preparation with anyone else either. Such intimate moments are better kept between the bride and the groom, according to this new tradition. Once, the humble author of this article encountered a situation when the newlyweds kept their engagement secret, then gathered in a cafe and called their parents simultaneously to say that they are married since that day. One has to be quite a romantic to marry Russian girls these days!

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