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Knowing when to get out of a relationship is expertise too many of us wish they acquired earlier rather than later. Months & years of productive life are wasted by couples world over sticking together for all the wrong reasons only to conclude after all: it's time to end a long term relationship, that doesn’t work.

This 5-minute read will save you the remorse, the gnarling feeling of guilt, tortures of self-doubt, and months of lost opportunities. This is your complete guide on how to end a relationship. At the right time.

leave a relationships

Why Is It Important To Know When It's Time To End A Relationship

Why should you care to bring your affair to its logical end sooner rather than later?


You only live once. And there’s no guarantee it’s going to be a long life either. There is this mentality that cancer survivors have: when they are in remission they are the most life-thirsty bunch out there. They try and live each day as if it is the last one in their lives. What if you keep sticking to the wrong person all this precious time?

2. Mental Health & Self Confidence

When a relationship has made a downward curve, you start questioning yourself, your worth, your value to the society at large. Those are tough times for you as a personality and as a member of the community. If you find reasons to stay and fight for your relationship or decide it’s not worth fighting for. No matter the outcome – you feel miserable and down in those times.

3. Work performance

Personal life affects your professional life even if you are a hardcore emotionless creature bordering on Terminator. It does. It’s only human to carry your emotional baggage along all day. Your reduced work efficiency and a blurred focus at work is another big reason to seek ending relationships advice.

4. Your friends and family

With things being gloomy at home, your friends and family fall victim to the ripple effect of your relationship dramas. Specifically, it’s hurtful for children, if you or your partner have underage kids. This magnifies all the negative sides of the relationship that’s falling apart. It also brings a whole layer of despair and unease.

5. Quality of life

Discord in a relationship or a state of doubt in your partner affects pretty much every sphere of your life. You make an effort to enjoy your morning coffee and you struggle to find inspiration to go through the life events with your usual smile. Quality of life deteriorates in terms of planning your future and living your present.

leave a relationshipsAll things considered, when things start falling apart on a personal level, a person loses the focus and spends too much energy looking for answers, sunken in self-doubt, and deep-rooted insecurities.

This is why we put together this complete list of red flags on how to know when to end a relationship. Acknowledge. Diagnose. Address.

11 Signs You Need To End The Relationship

Your Clique Don’t Endorse Your Relationship

It’s a huge red flag on a fuchsia-bright neon pole. It starts with small hints and subtle messages. Your friends and family may cast a disapproving glance here and there during a party or social gathering. There may be a bit of resistance to come over to a family dinner with your partner.

But deep down in your heart, you know when they disapprove of your decisions. Those messages grow from the timid “Let’s give it time and see” to the bold “Are you sure you guys belong together?”. The thing is: your friends and family have known you for ages. They stick with you all this time because they care for you. They have been there for you before and they will be part of your life after. They earned your trust. Listen to their opinion.

The Trust Is Long Gone

You know the feeling. There's this short pause before the answer to your question comes up. The phone is always face down on the surface. You both retire to another room to have a conversation. Even if it's innocent or business only. You know the feeling. When your question gets answered you start questioning the answers in your mind. You go back to past conversations and start seeing the clues.

Your other half should be exactly that – your other half. Trust is a huge part of a harmonious living as a couple. For many spiritually-minded people, it is the most pivotal piece of a puzzle when it comes to a happy partnership. When the trust is gone and you know you will not be able to go back however hard you try, this is a verdict to your relationship. You decide when to act on it.

Fun Is No Longer Part Of Your Relationship

Having fun sounds silly and immature. But all adults know, we are just kids with beards, wrinkles, and some excessive weight. If your relationship is no longer fun for you – why keep it going? If you are not having fun, at the very minimum your life if blunt.

  • Blunt as macaroni and cheese without cheese, salt, pepper, and not even a dash of cream.
  • Blunt as a party without alcohol, music, company, fireworks, and entertainment.
  • Blunt as sex without orgasm.

Do you really want to keep this connection alive? In our books, it's one of the major signs you should end a relationship sooner rather than later.

Love No Longer Resides Here

Awww. Too sad to hear. Leave alone live a life without love. Feeling loved is one of the most basic needs of a human being. You need to feel loving to function at your best. You need to know it's growing. You have to wake up every day to find new ways to keep it alive, nurture and cultivate love in your bond.

If you don’t feel loved in a relationship, you should have a good damn hundred other reasons to stay in this affair any longer. It may sound naïve or overly sentimental, but love needs to be evolving, taking on new shapes, evolving different flavors between a couple. If this feeling is steadily shrinking or is nowhere to be found, it’s existence you are dealing with, not life.

Loving Without Liking Dilemma

The other shade of our signs you need to get out of a relationship is feeling love but not like your partner. That is somewhat difficult to diagnose or as much as to be beware of. This is why we aim to create awareness in your consciousness about this phenomenon.

OK, so you are still in this early stage of the relationship or you have been around for a while but the feelings are still flying high. You get jealous and the presence of your partner still excites you as ever before. You may even feel like an incomplete human being without him or her by your side. But. You are not sure you like your partner. You wouldn't be friends if you weren’t lovers. You don't share a similar set of values. You have different tastes. You simply don't like your partner.

leave a relationshipsThis scenario is not a perfect one either. In all likelihood, you will grow apart sooner rather than later.

The Bad Eclipses The Good

No life is an everlasting flower bed of blooming roses with exotic butterflies flying around. There are good moments and bad moments. There are positive occasions & events and there are negative happenings in life. There are things you want to linger forever in your memory and the things you wish to forget soonest.

As Leo Tolstoy said in Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. A family or a union becomes unhappy when the negative outweighs the positive. No life is ideal and every couple has their own struggles to face every day.

Once you notice your life is filled with nagging, complaining, and the same routine much more, that it's brimming with excitement, the expectation of a weekend together, and warm cuddly nights with popcorn - it's time to change things.

You Compensate The Void By Others

It’s your partner you feel like sharing your success with first. It’s your girlfriend you can feel at ease with when crying over a loss in your life. It’s your spouse who can understand the complexities of all the work drama evolving for years in your office.

The moment you stop thinking of your other half at the time of biggest joy and saddest events and forward this energy to friends, family, and colleagues, you essentially lose a confidant in your partner. This is another reason to contemplate just how far apart you have shifted and consider either counseling or exiting the relationship.

You Are In A State Of Permanent Relationship Anxiety

Mental health and peace of mind are grossly overlooked by younger generations but it comes under the limelight a lot with age. People need to feel secure and comfortable in their homes. It's great to wake up to calm, peace, and maybe … a bout of good sex.

But if you wake up only to be filled with anxiety from the moment you open your eyes. If your home is the battlefield of a never-ending emotional tug-of-war. If you never feel at ease, but rather stress all the time with your partner. You need to make sure to take steps to a healthier environment. Now.

You Consider A Break Once Too Often

Taking a break from your relationship for the first time is not only healthy but works as a wind to a fire – igniting more passion and heightening the emotions.

It usually comes after a year of moving into a common space. The daily routine kills off the crispiness of the affair and you cannot but question how strong the relationship is. Break up and see: are you lacking your partner? Did you gladly jump on the opportunity to explore the options? It's a great move, that is a much-needed stress-test. Lots of couples start appreciating their loved ones more after the breakup.

If you find yourself requesting a break after a break. If your partner needs too much time apart from you. Chances are: one of those breaks is going to be final. You are just postponing the inevitable.

Things Move Way Too Quick

OK, this flag is not so red. It depends.

Here’s the story: One in thousands of couples, the stars do their magic and all things fall into the right places. He has been looking for her entire life. She has drawn his exact portrait on her vision board. It happens. These cases proceed as quickly as the fresh yeast grows in warm sweetened milk.

leave a relationshipsOn the other end of the spectrum, one of the partners seems to rush things unnecessarily. The ring and all the kneeling drama take a couple of weeks from the first date. The wedding planner is hired right after. Guests get huge last-minute discounts to fly over.

This now is a fishy scenario to be wary of. This is the 21st century, thank God. People may enjoy each other without the social stigma of being stereotyped as a fallen woman and an indecent gentleman. There is no need to rush at all. Zero. Nada.

If you feel rushed & things move way too quick, keep looking for reasons why. Could it be anything else but love? Visa? Money? A place to live? Have a close look at the motives of your beloved one before it’s too late.

Your Partner Belittles You

Life is life. We have some good streaks and some bad streaks. We go up in society and we go down in our social status. One thing steady in life is the faith in your potential from your partner and your family. They are there to support you through hard times and have confidence you will kick ass now or later.

If you find yourself in a situation when your partner makes you feel like POS. If you end up being miserable when next to your girlfriend. If she or he belittles you all the time. It’s time to run. Find the best way to end a relationship that matches your style and do it. If you aren’t getting support and faith from your partner, this toxic relationship is so over.

Done with Your Ex? Find Your Love Online

If we answered your question “How do you know when to end a relationship?" If this piece helped you see one small red flag or a massive collection of them. If you now realize you have had enough.

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