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Nowadays, it is very easy to get acquainted with a woman. You don't even need to go anywhere if you want to find a nice lover. The only things to do are to find a good dating website, create a nice profile with good pictures and bio, and you are good to go. At the same time, dating still may be a pretty hard thing since you need to confirm a date. As you may already know, this probably is the hardest part of the whole first date set up, especially if you are a very shy person.

how to confirm a date without sounding desperate

Is It Really That Necessary to Confirm a Date with a Girl?

While we were working with the material for this article, more than once, we encountered various pickup forums and artists, where their "pickup gurus" claim that if you are texting to confirm a date, it means that you are weak and pathetic. Because of those cavemen, lots of normal men begin to doubt every step they make. Thus, instead of becoming more efficient in dating by learning how to confirm a date with a girl, they try to find out whether it is necessary to do it or not.

In my experience, I can assure you that this type of behavior works. However, it will attract solely a certain type of women. A type, you normally don't want to date or even to meet. You see, being a caveman works only if you search for a one-night stand. In this case, a girl will enjoy "being with an animal" for one night, and then she will leave. However, if you want to find a long-term relationship and are serious about trying to do it with this person, then you simply can't behave with her like those "pickup masters" teach you. Being a caveman is very destructive for a serious relationship.

Remember, a healthy relationship is built on respect. Hence, there is no point it teasing each other, pretending that the fact that both of you have shown up to your date is a blessing from God. Today, we all have complicated lives, and it may be very hard to find time for dating someone. Consequently, your desire to text to confirm a date is not a weakness or a sign of insecurity. It is pure respect for her and your time. So, if you still ask, "Should I text to confirm a date?" Yes, you should! There can be plenty of reasons why a person may not be able to come to the date. Confirming a date will allow you to know for sure whether she comes or not.

Confirming a Date the Night Before: How Not to Screw It Up

Unfortunately, sometimes people make stupid mistakes when they try to confirm a date. You see, before making your first steps in dating, you must understand that confirming date is a rather hard thing, especially if you are not a very experienced dater. However, there is nothing to worry about, and definitely, you shouldn't think that you won't have success among girls because you have never done this before. Just like with everything else in this life, your skill will develop with time. Also, we are going to give you some directions to make sure that you won't have problems with confirming a date the night before.

1. Forget about all our doubts

In the majority of cases, in heterosexual relationships, guys are responsible for sending texts to confirm dates. So, you should begin with an understanding that you are doing everything right, and your desire to confirm your date the day before is reasonable and understandable. Furthermore, it doesn't make you look pathetic. In fact, it only shows that you are quite a busy person.

2. Don’t disappear

When you finally manage to confirm your date with a girl, you should never think that it is okay to go in silent mode until your date. Surely, you don't need to ask her again concerning your future date because everything is settled unless one of you cancels it. At the same time, this doesn't mean that you cannot discuss your favorite TV shows, book, or other topics. In fact, you should.

3. Text her in the mid-morning

To dispel all doubts about whether she is good for the date or not, you can text her in the morning. However, don't do it too early because this will be too much for someone you have never seen in real life. Also, don't wait for too long because you may not be able to adequately plan your day.

4. Give her a call to cancel the date

It is normal if, for whatever reason, you have to cancel your date, even if you have already confirmed it the night before. However, you should never send a simple text saying that you are not coming. Instead, give her a call and briefly explain the situation. She deserves to know that you were forced to cancel the date and that it bothers you.text to confirm date

5. Use the “confident confirmation”

Your date confirmation should sound very confident, to do this, you can, for example, tell her that you are going to be late instead of asking whether she is still on. Thus, you will know for sure that she is going, or not going to a date with you.

How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate

You know, there is only one question that I hear more often than, "Do you confirm a date?" Even those who understand that it is necessary to confirm dates, still fear that this will make them look desperate or weak. Partly this problem may appear, and a girl may believe that you are desperate, but it is very to prevent it. Now, we are going to share with you some rules and tips on how to confirm a date without sounding desperate.

1. Don’t be needy

Nope, your date with this person is not going to be a serious game-changer. Consequently, treat it like a standard meeting. With the only difference that this meeting is going to have some romantic elements. Without a single doubt, a date, especially the first one, is far more complex than that, but this will help you avoid being needy. You definitely don't want a girl to feel or know that you are treating her as your last chance. Thus, instead of writing, "Is it okay to meet up tomorrow?" you should write something like, "Still good for tomorrow?"

2. Be patient

Just forget about your habit of bombarding a potential girlfriend with your text messages or calls. Remember, you both are humans, and you have other matters to do, except for dates. She may also cancel your first date, but this should never make you think that this is a deal-breaker. Therefore, your response should be calm and patient. After all, it is normal when life gets in the way, but not more than twice. If she cancels your date for the third time, then gently tell her that you want to have a serious relationship, and she clearly has no time for it.

3. Never ask twice

When confirming a date with a girl, you should never repeat this conversation ever again. You asked her, and she said that she would come. That’s it. You should immediately change the topic of your conversation the moment you have a positive answer from her. If she didn't reply to your date offer, then there is no point in wasting your time on her. Also, if she agreed, don't remind her of your date. If this is important for her, then she won't forget about it. And if she does, then you should go back to your search.

4. Don’t text too much

Without a single doubt, you want to make your date confirmation look very nice, romantic, and even poetic, but don't. And again, the first date with a girl is not something of truly huge importance. Nowadays, online dating allows you to have as many dates as you want. This is why the simpler your date confirmation will be, the better results you will achieve. Even simple "Still good for today?" will work just fine to show her that you are still interested and learn that she hasn't changed her mind.

5. Know when to stop

For example, you have planned to have a date the next week. You confirmed it two days ago, but since then, she hasn't written anything to you. What would you do? There is always a chance that she is too shy to be the first one who starts a conversation. In this case, you should write to her something that still will indicate your interest but won't make you desperate. Something like, "I have just eaten one of those shawarmas we were talking about. So tasty!" If she responds and asks questions, then chances are that she is still interested. However, if she remains silent, then you should too.

Text to Confirm a Date: General Advice

Today, the majority of people get acquainted online. This means that you will need to use text messages to ask and confirm your date. You probably already know that texting requires an absolutely different approach than standard voice conversations. This is why we want to share with you a couple of tips on how to confirm a date with a girl via text. Rest assured, this will significantly improve your chances of having a successful date.confirming a date

1. Avoid games with the response time

When you want to confirm your date via text messages, it is important not to play a game with response times. Generally, this game is very stupid, and everyone hates when their partners don't respond in time believe that this will attract more attention to them. Nope, this just doesn't work it all. In fact, this tactic works against you because while you make her wait for your responses, the other guy may steal her from you. So, when you have come to the stage when you need to confirm a date, there is no place for such games. This is a rule.

2. Don’t use obscene language

Nope, this won't make you look cool but will show her that you are the person to avoid. You can use obscene language only if she does so. But, in this case, it is better to reconsider your attitude to her. After all, people who have never meet in real life tend to avoid using it, especially if they are planning to have a romantic date.

3. Don’t apply humor

There are a place and time for humor. Even if you make the funniest jokes in the world, it is still better to avoid them when you confirm a date with a girl. When you do this, you need to show her that you are serious about it and that it actually means something to you. Of course, when she agrees, and your date is confirmed, you can make jokes, but choose a whole different topic.

4. Keep calm

Don't turn a date confirmation into an interview, and don't force her to answer. If she doesn't respond in time, there is no point for you to start to worry. After all, you confirm your date exactly to avoid this problem in the future. However, if she doesn't answer for too long, then you definitely need to remind her of your existence.

5. Your spelling matters a lot

When you text your friends, it is okay to sometimes forget to check your spelling. However, this is not the case when you text your potential romantic partner. When it comes to dating, it is always better to use proper English. Most girls consider poor grammar and bad spelling as a turn-off. In their eyes, this makes you look lazy and unintelligent.

To Confirm or Not to Confirm?

The answer to this question mainly depends on the main purpose of your date. Hence, if you are planning to try to have something serious with this person, then you definitely need to show her that you respect her and her time. Don't worry, if you follow our tips and rules, your attempt to confirm a date won't seem desperate or bad. Modern girls want to be sure of their partners, and, by confirming a date, you give them what they want. You make them feel secure. After all, no one wants to come to dates and wait for people who never planned to come.

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