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It doesn’t matter whether you met yesterday in the mall or have been communicating on the dating site for several months, a first date is a big event accompanied by high expectations and experiences. You need some time to get used to each other and stop treating your dates as something extraordinary. It doesn’t happen in one evening or two. The first dates (up to 5) are of crucial importance since you never know whether your communication will have a continuation. The fact that you have managed to ask a girl out and obtain consent doesn’t mean that things will work out between you two. There is still a lot of work ahead. It’s not enough to arrange a date, you should do your best to have a quality time together and, of course, know how to end a date well. Only in this case, you may get a chance to move on. So don’t relax too early, asking a girl out on a date doesn't mean winning her over.

how to end a date

The Reality of Ending a Date

Frankly speaking, you will be looking for a great way to end a date only at the beginning of your relationships, when it is still not clear whether your relationships will have a continuation. When you become an “official” couple, you already know how to end a date and what to do next. Thus, we are going to talk about this period when you are still confused about ending a date and feel embarrassed. At this point, everything depends on your sympathy towards your date and further plans. When it’s about the first date, 8 out of 10 people feel uncomfortable when the time comes to end the date, and it doesn’t matter what feelings you have toward the person. If you like a girl at least a bit and don’t mind continuing your communication, then you will try to avoid a possible friend zone. Thus, don’t even think about ending a date with a handshake since it’s a one-way ticket to that notorious friend zone or even abruption of your communication at all. If you realize that you have no desire to meet with this girl once again and spend time on all these courting moments, then you shouldn't say anything about how great she is and that you will call her on a weekday. You are grownups, so there is no need to create an illusion that everything is wonderful between you if it’s not. Just mention that you were happy to meet her in a relaxed atmosphere. And if you find yourself in the opposite situation and understand that you can easily have a crush on this girl, then before ending a first date, you can offer to meet again. Everything is up to you to decide whether you want to meet her in several days or in a week. And if you were on the same page during the whole date, you had an amazing time together, and you feel the chemistry between you, then you can end your date even with a kiss. If you feel that it’s the right moment, and both of you want it. Otherwise, if you end it in some other way, for example, you give her a friendly slight hug, she may not know how to interpret an end of a date hug and whether you felt the same as she did a minute ago.

How Do I End a First Date?

The first date should rightly be considered the most awkward date you will ever have with the person. You don’t know anything yet and just hope for the better. You have come up with a perfect scenario in your head in which you look stunning and attractive, your witty jokes make the girl laugh, and you are proud of yourself because you are doing everything right. However, such a perfect date is rather an exception to the rule. And regardless of its quality and the level of your initial preparations, it will come to an end at some point. How do you end a first date? You don’t worry about that until it’s high time to say goodbye and take action. Well, it is necessary to say that you should have a backup plan and know how to end a date early if it was a catastrophe. And if everything was great, but you still don’t know what to do at the end of a first date, let’s consider the possible options.

Option 1: None of you feel the chemistry

It is not a rare case when you spend time together, but both of you understand that there is no chemistry between you, and things will not work out. If you find yourself in alike situation, you should just thank each other for pastime and wish goodnight. It will be enough.

Option 2: Your sympathy is mutual

There is no need to play hard to get if it’s obvious that you like each other. You should inform your date about your sympathy, so you should say something like, “I had a wonderful time with you and would love to meet again.” Catch the moment and get in touch right to end a first date

Option 3: You are confused

How to end a first date if you are not sure what exactly you feel? The best option will be to thank your date for the evening and wish goodnight. You shouldn’t add anything more. Take your time to think everything through and understand whether you want to meet again.

Option 4: Your sympathy is not mutual

If you don’t feel the required connection with the person, it’s better to be honest and say everything as it is. There is no need to come up with excuses or something. You shouldn't play games with a person who likes you. It’s cruel.

How to End a Date If It Went Well

Dating is one of the most pleasant stages in people’s relationships. It can be fun and very pleasant when you feel the chemistry and are on the same page with a girl. If you have rich experience, then you might know what to say at the end of a date and how to behave if the date was really amazing. Most likely you are already ready for different scenarios thanks to your dating experience. However, what to do if your skills in this regard leave much to be desired? And you start worrying about the appropriate ending right after dessert. Let’s clarify the situation

1. Don’t be in a hurry

The fact that you worry and feel embarrassed make evoke a desire to end the date as soon as possible to finally feel relief and calm down these butterflies in the stomach. However, it will not work out. And such behavior can make a girl think that you are not interested in her, so she will hardly agree to continue communication after that. Nobody says that your date should necessarily end in bed, but you shouldn’t forget about good manners anyway.

2. Make a suggestion

Since it is you who has asked a girl out on a date, you should be more active at this stage of relationships. You are not a committed couple yet, so if you like a girl and don’t want to end your date right after the main dish in a restaurant, you should suggest something else. “Would you like to go for a walk after dinner?” “I’m having such an amazing time with you. I would like to prolong this evening at least a bit. What about having a stroll after dessert?” If a girl is enjoying your company, she’d agree or suggest another time.

3. Read her body language

Do you know the main positions of a human body that can tell you much more than any words? Watch a body language of your date to understand her feelings and attitude toward you. For example, if a girl tries to cross her hands or constantly check her watch, then the chances are high that she would like to leave the date as soon as possible. But if there are flirty touches and open body positions, you should suggest prolonging your date and visiting some other place. Such a date has all chances to end in kissing.

4. Don’t put pressure on the girl

Even if it’s already your 5th wonderful date, and you are eager to move further and develop your dating in a more intimate way, don’t forget that there are two of you. And if a girl is not ready, or she suggests ending your date in a usual manner, you should do it gracefully and don’t put pressure on her. Don’t beg her to stay for some time if she wants to leave. Consider the previous point to understand the situation correctly.

What to Say at the End of a Date

When you end your date, there are two most common options. You like it and want to meet again or it was one of the worst dates in your life, and you are not going to repeat this experience. In both cases, you should behave like a mature and grownup person who understands their desires and not going to play hide and seek or avoid responsibilities. If you like a girl, you should say her what a wonderful time you had and what amazing girl she is. But, if you don’t like your date, and you are sure that you will never want to meet with the girl once again, then you shouldn’t tell her anything about how much you liked the date and how much you would like to go together somewhere else. It may end in ghosting a girl if she decides to get in touch with you herself. Don’t be a little kiddo who hides, not wanting to take responsibility for words said. So, if you don’t want to meet again, you can say the do you end a first date

1.“Let me know when you get home.” It suggests that your date will not have a continuation right away, and you want to end your meeting. It’s a friendly manner to ask her to text you when she gets home. And it simplifies the task to say her that you will not work out.

2.“Good luck with your presentation.” If a girl has told you some details about some upcoming events she is worried about, then you can wish her luck with that challenge at the end of your date.

3.“Thanks for the company.” It’s a polite and pretty friendly manner to end a date, and if you don’t add anything to that statement, then such a phrase allows her to understand that this date was not the best for you.

4.“Take care of yourself.” As easy as it is. This phrase suggests right away that you are not going to call, text, or ask her out once again as well as take care of her in the future.

How to End a Date with a Kiss

If the whole program of the date is done, and it’s high time to decide how to end this date and what it will look like, then you should access the situation and pay attention to the girl’s body language. If she takes a step closer or leans during your talk or tells you that she had a wonderful time, then you can become a bit more active. Read her signals correctly to not miss a chance to end your date with a kiss. In such a situation, the girl might know how to end a date with a kiss, so she will return it. Just don’t forget that it is your first kiss, it should be gentle and tongue-free. Leave all these passionate kisses for later if a girl doesn’t show the initiative all of a sudden and not start kissing you more actively. Everything will depend on how well you know each other and whether there is chemistry between you. In that case, it’s up to you to decide how your date will end and what continuation it will get. If the girl is not ready for a kiss, she will take a step back or offer a cheek.

Don’t Relax Too Early

If your first, second, or even third date was great, and it ended with a kiss, it’s still not the reason to calm down and believe that you have already won the girl over. If you have such an approach, your relationships will end sooner than they will actually start. Dating can become a pleasant pastime if you make efforts to please a girl and show how special she is. No girl wants to feel obliged that she has been asked out on a date, so don’t forget about your good manners and behave like a true gentleman. Thus, your chances of developing this relationship and get a caring and lovely girlfriend will be much higher.

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