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You seem to consider her a friend, but something strange is happening between you. Something that you no longer can ignore. She is not like your other friends, she behaves in a quite strange way, but you need more proof. Here are a few signs that indicate she is not indifferent to you. There are more than enough signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it and here are the most widespread of them.

she wants you to ask her out on a date

25 Signs a Woman Wants to Date You

She is nervous when you talk to her. Whenever she talks to you, her voice is trembling, hands are shaking, and she is constantly playing with her hair. She does not want to show that she is nervous, but everything that she does means only one fact: she is in love with you. These things are the best signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

She reacts first. She is always the first to respond to everything you say or do. If you want a drink, she will be the first to offer her company. If you want to go out, then she will be the first to support your decision. That's because you matter to her and nothing else.

She cares a lot about what you think about her. It is easy to notice, even if she tries to hide it. For example, if she quickly changes her mind or agrees with you after your disapproval, then this means that the girl does not consider her views so important as to fight for them - you are more important to her. She goes for a walk with your friends, listens to music you like and tries to become interested in the things you like.

She asks questions. One of the best ways how to know if a woman likes you is to try to remember how often she asks you different questions about your day, hobbies, childhood or favorite music or sport. This way a woman tries to get to know you better and, what is more, her questions prove that she is genuinely interested in you.

Her friends behave strangely and analyze you. Women are likely to share their passion and interest with their closest friends. If her friends start treating you differently, analyze you and ask you strange questions, you can be sure that she has discussed you with her friends.

She remembers things you said. Have you noticed that she remembers such details of your conversation? Maybe you mentioned that you would be going to visit your relatives or friends and in some time, she asks how you spent time there. For sure, she would not remember if she doesn't like you.

she wants you to know that she likes youShe makes plans. This is one of the most reliable signs a woman likes you. When she is in love with you, she starts thinking about spending time together. Very often, she doesn't even notice that she suggests going somewhere together, spending an evening together or visiting some cozy places that you would like.

She replies to your messages and texts you first. Whenever women adore men, they long for communication with them. Maybe you have just talked to her and five minutes later she asks you what you are doing now. This is also one of the signs a woman is attracted to you and wants to communicate with you as much as possible.

You catch her looking at you. As you start noticing that she is looking at you when she thinks you do not see it, this is it. When women are attracted to men, they often do this because they cannot help admiring someone they like.

She laughs and smiles. Do you remember what they say? “Make her laugh and she will fall in love.” When she starts laughing at all your jokes, tells you that your jokes are witty and funny and looks at you while laughing, she tries to get your attention. Do not miss it!

She starts treating you differently. One of the most obvious ways how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is to notice if she starts saying some strange things, texting you even though you've talked today, touching your hand while talking to you or trying to make eye contact. All these things are convincing proof that she is crazy about you.

She is touchy-feely. Whenever you meet her, she hugs you, tries to sit near you, cuddles all the time or tries to touch your hand as if it is accidentally. This is a typical behavior of women when they are attracted to someone.

She preens herself. Earlier she didn't wear such beautiful make-up, put on dresses and high heels, but now she always wears skirts and dresses, has a new hairstyle and red lipstick on her lips. She tries to get your attention and show how beautiful she can be for you.

She mirrors your gestures and language. This is a psychological reflex that means a person in front of you likes you. Whenever you change the pose or move your head, she will unconsciously repeat after you. As she does it, it means she is attached to you, and it is important for her to be an interesting interlocutor for you.

She may talk about more personal, intimate things. Why on Earth would she talk to you about the importance of relationships in the modern world, problems of cheating and trust-worthiness between partners? She wants to know what kind of partner you are and what your priorities in the relationship are.

She compliments you. This is one of the signs she is opening to you. As she starts complimenting you not only about your clothes but mentions your personality traits, she wants you to know that she likes you. For example, she mentions your masculinity, your strength or tells you how handsome and interesting you are.

Too many coincidences. Have you noticed that wherever you go, you meet her? Maybe you decided to spend the evening with your friends in the bar, and there she is, drinking a cocktail and reacts as if she is very surprised to see you. Also, you can “accidentally” run into her in the superfmarket while shopping or in the favorite game shop although she didn't mention she likes video games.

She touches her hair differently. If you still ask yourself again and again, “Does she like me or not?” try to remember if she plays with her hair while talking to you. This proves that she is both a little bit nervous and excited while talking to you. This is also one of the best-recognized ways of flirting.

She plays with different stuff while talking to you. No matter what it is: her ring, bracelet, a napkin which she tears, or a piece of paper that she tears up into thousands of tiny pieces, it means only one thing: she is nervous, and the reason is you talking to her.

She hints or reveals that she’s single. Even if you doesn't ask her, she will try to get this message across a couple of times in different ways. She does it because she wants you to ask her finally out on a date. If you are still looking for “does she like me signs,” this is it, there is a one hundred percent proof that she does.

She blushes. Whenever you make her compliments or just meet her on the street, she blushes. This is not because it is very hot outside but because this is you who makes her blush. She feels uncertain about your reaction and her words, she thinks all the time about what to say and how to behave. As she blushes, it also means she was not ready to meet you.

when asking her out on a datePay attention to social media! Nowadays networking sites are the first place where people can get to know some information. Scroll her Twitter and Instagram, check if she posted something about your last meeting or if she wrote some strange statuses about feelings. This is what women often do when they like someone.

She tries to make you jealous. Surprisingly enough, when she posts some photos on Facebook with another guy or tells you that someone asked her on a date, it is also one of the signs she is interested in you. Sometimes women do these tricky things to make men jealous and see if they also like them.

She will try to know you better. Obviously, as she is interested in you, she will try to spend more time with you to know you better. As an example, she may stay up longer than usually texting with you just because you are talking about your childhood or you are telling her some boring details about football which she is not interested in. Still, she listens to everything that you tell her about your hobbies and past.

She moves a little closer. The last but not least tip on how to know if she likes you is to pay attention whether she tries to move closer to you. She may do this unconsciously because it is a human reflex.

How to Know if She Likes You to Ask Her Out on a Date

As she starts opening to you, she can send you some links for events and asks if you want to attend them. Also, she may text you that she has no plans for next weekend, and she feels bored and lonely at home doing nothing while all her friends are busy. As an example, she can ask you if you have already visited a recently-opened restaurant in your city or if you want to visit it.

As you finally understand that she wants you to ask her out on a date, you have to think about how to do it. First of all, remember that girls get nervous too while getting a date invitation. Sometimes they agree to it, even if they do not like the appointed place. Just because they want to spend more time with their chosen one, but they are afraid to offend him by changing the location. Therefore, it is better to allow her to choose how to spend the evening. You may give her a choice of a movie genre in a cinema, type of cuisine in a cafe or a music band you are going to listen to. This will help her choose the right outfit and feel more confident. Providing she is relaxed and calm, then the evening will be easy, relaxed, and fun.

Also, stay confident when asking her out on a date. To feel self-confident, it is important to feel less tense. If something goes wrong, do not take it personally, you can always gently joke about these disadvantages, it will become much easier to perceive them. Moreover, if you do not notice them at all, then she will not even pay attention to them or forget about them in 5 minutes of a fascinating conversation.

All in all, there are thousands of signs that can help you understand that she wants you to ask her out on a date. Pay attention to details, analyze her behavior and remember that very often, you can just feel that she adores you. Do not hesitate to check if you are right because the best way to know if she likes you is to ask her out on a date!

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