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This may sound ridiculous at first, but jealousy can be quite beneficial in a relationship, or it can, at the very least, lead to positive changes in a relationship if it is used correctly. And while you may feel like this is something that goes against your relationship rules, and this is immoral, you should first check out the following information, see whether it will change your mind or not.

how to get a girl jealous

Why Guys Should Make Their Girlfriends Jealous Sometimes?

But how can you put jealousy to good use? How can it possibly be of any use in a relationship? Let’s figure out some reasons why one should consider provoking a sense of jealousy in their female companions.

To be sure she has true feelings

Why would a guy try to make a girl jealous? Let’s say that you are not sure whether your girlfriend loves you or not, and you want to figure out the truth. A great way to do so would be to provoke jealousy in her and see her reaction, will she try to fight for your love, will she try to keep you close? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, her feelings are true.

To spice up your relationships

Relationships are bound to get boring from time to time, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and that is just something you have to deal with, there comes a point when nothing of importance or interest seems to happen, and this is when you have to figure out a way to spice your relationships up. Jealousy is a nice way to do so, but be very careful because if your partner feels very bored and stressed out, their faith in you and their love may be at risk, and, instead of jealousy, they may end up thinking that you just want to move on, and they can do the same.

To bring passion back

If your relationships lost some level of passion that they had had before, it is absolutely normal, we don’t live in a fantasy world, and nothing is eternal or stronger than ourselves. Thus, if you want to bring some level of passion back into your relationship – you can provoke a spark that you two once felt for each other by making your partner jealous, test out whether or not they value your company.

To check her

While there is an argument to be made that our desire to find out everything about the people we love ends up killing our interest in them, it can be quite productive to know what to expect from a person that is near you. Thus, by making her jealous, you can save yourself a few torn hairs later on, as you will know what to expect from her in the future.

But remember, if it seems to you that your partner is indifferent to you, they don’t seem to care about the people you meet and, even more so, date, then maybe there is no reason to have a relationship with such a person. After all, they don’t love, they don’t want to keep you close, so what’s the point? If you want to move on and meet girls online, then remember that there are quite a lot of dating sites online to choose from.

How to Make Your Girl Jealous

And now, let’s figure out how to make a girl jealous. There are a lot of ways to put pressure on a spouse, however, everyone needs to know how to make a woman jealous without actually doing anything wrong. Firstly, in order not to fall flat on your face, and secondly, to maintain trust, love, as well as respect. So how to make your girlfriend jealous? Here are 5 methods to make your woman jealous.

  1. How to make your girl jealous? Talk about other women. If earlier you did not show interest in other women, then, after starting a conversation, by comparing them to your partner or mentioning them, you will be able to cause jealousy, but you need to do this very carefully (if your girlfriend has cooled off for you, this will contribute to her decision to divorce you.) You need to make sure that she really loves you before committing to such a step.
  2. Here’s another way of making a girl jealous. Since you can make a woman jealous by a spontaneous change in lifestyle, you can show her that you have suddenly decided to look better, for no apparent reason. Try hiking in the morning, attending barbershops, buying a gym subscription. All of these things will just seem odd to her.
  3. signs a girl is jealousHow to make a girl jealous? The mechanism of estrangement also works in the scenario when you want to provoke jealousy. Especially when you want to carry out leisure activities without her presence, to go shopping, to bars with friends and visit perfume shops (in them a lot of different aromas will partly settle on your clothing, which will cause jealousy of your girlfriend to an imaginary woman).
  4. How to get a girl jealous? This method includes things like staying late at work, coming home late, lack of communication (when it comes to excuses, it is necessary to end up looking like an innocent victim of circumstances, which will just sound whimsical and absurd, which is exactly what we need). Again, we must remember our goal, your girlfriend should invent a mistress, and not believe in her existence to avoid the consequences, which we will discuss below.
  5. Here’s the last of the ways to make a girl jealous. Remember when there was the last intimate contact between you, measure the time period between the last and the penultimate, then multiply that by 3 and do not declare your intentions to spend leisure time under the sheets before the deadline ends. If you have it every day, then sex after 3 days will not become a cause for jealousy, in which case multiply that by 10.

Risks and Possible Consequences

Making girl jealous is not difficult, it is enough to know her nature, psyche, and reactions to certain psychological methods, and thus, you will then be able to use the methods described above to protect your union, moreover, improve and reanimate it if you feel cooling feelings of your girlfriend. Before reading the information on how to make your girlfriend jealous, you should look at your attitude toward your girlfriend. After all, her behavior completely depends on yours.

If every day you experience moral and psychological discomfort due to the numerous requirements to do something around the house, then it is more advisable to start doing it because you are already a family, and your girlfriend is not a cleaning lady. If you have disagreements on the basis of a lack of love, then figure out the initiator of this conflict, if it is you, then look at yourself, figure out if you give her tenderness, warmth, and moral support, and if she doesn’t seem to appreciate it – you will not be able to make her jealous, there is no point in continuing such a relationship.

Jealousy can trigger the following side effects:

  • Your girlfriend can get a lover of her own (she got him to avenge the infidelity that you staged, not knowing about the reality of things);
  • Annoying calls, she always wants to know where you are;
  • A permanent control of your text messages, dialogs on social networks, missed, incoming, and outgoing calls;
  • An unexpected arrival of your girlfriend to work, in a bar where you are hanging out with friends and other places where you do not invite her;
  • Desperate, she will not be afraid of losing you, but will begin to prepare a plan for getting out of your union altogether;
  • Mockery of you (smart women often make fun of polygamous men);
  • By causing her jealousy, you can only provoke your own sense of jealousy.

Signs a Girl Is Jealous

Now that you know the reasons why you should consider provoking jealousy in your girlfriend, and you know the ways to do it, let’s identify the signs a girl is jealous.

how to make your girl jealousContinuous phone calls

How to tell if a girl is jealous? Making a call to a loved one is normal, but if she seems to call your number every half an hour – this is jealousy. Your partner wants to always know what you are doing, with whom you are, and when you will get home. This behavior is very annoying.

Visits at work

Jealousy pushes to constant control, sometimes even if a person can’t consciously realize it. Sometimes this is expressed in visiting a partner’s working place. Initially, this behavior can be considered pleasant, as a person expresses their concern and attention. It soon becomes clear that the purpose of such visits is to just check on you, whether their sense of jealousy is true or not. This is not just annoying but suggests that the partners do not trust each other, which means they cannot have a healthy relationship.

A desire to spend all the available time together

Common interests are a very good way to strengthen relationships, but if there are not too many of them! Yoga in a group of friends or solo hiking help to concentrate and gather your thoughts. Jealousy in relationships is often manifested in the fact that a partner wants to participate in all aspects of our lives. It is not right. As a result, partners get tired of each other and no longer want to build relationships.

Checking your messages

“Who are you talking to?” It is a seemingly ordinary question, which can be a sign of jealousy. Lack of privacy, control of your communication, and reading text messages means it's time to seriously talk about it! Of course, you need to be interested in the affairs of your partner, but do not forget about freedom. Loving people will talk about their interlocutors if you want to.

A desire to control your expenses

Overly jealous girlfriends often control their partner’s expenses very carefully. Saving and having a family budget is always nice, but a thorough check of your wallet is a matter of economic violence! Thus, a partner is trying to find out if you have someone else. If a similar situation has arisen in your household, then it is time for a serious conversation.

They pay close attention to your appearance

If a partner seems to truly believe that you dress up nicely for someone else, every time you go out to spend some time with your friends, then they are certainly jealous of you. Such a person cannot understand that you want to look good and will always treat such behavior as a sign that you are cheating.

A desire to limit your contact with your friends

The painful jealousy of a partner is very often associated with restricting your contacts with friends. For a jealous person, everyone in the neighborhood is a potential lover. It is necessary to discuss this issue and find a compromise solution. You may have to refuse to communicate with an ex-partner, but it’s definitely not worth saying goodbye to all your friends. Even if you clear the entire list of contacts, a partner will begin to be jealous of your colleagues.

They never seem to believe the things you say

If a jealous woman never believes you and needs to make sure that you are telling the truth, they are crossing the line. Relationships should be based on honesty and trust, and not on constant allegations of lies. You need to talk. If the discussion of the problem does not lead to its solution, then nothing good will come of the relationship.

They keep reminding you of your past relationships

An ex-partner is a thing of the past, but the painful jealousy of your partner usually does not allow you to forget that you were once with someone else. They become gloomy towards you and do not want to believe that you do not love your ex after your breakup.

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