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First dates are always nerve-wracking, no matter how old you are and how many dates you’ve had. So, you’ve been dating a stunning Ukrainian woman for some time enough to realize that you want to meet her in real life. Now, you are puzzling over your first date: what to say, how to behave, what to do and what to avoid – these questions are constantly popping up on your mind. Here are some useful tips that will ensure you the successful first date with a Ukrainian girl.


Bring a small gift.

The key word here is ‘small’. It’s your first real-life date and you should bring something to express your affection. We know that in the USA, for example, it’s not customary to bring flowers or gifts on a date but it is in Ukraine. This is one of the ways a man shows his woman that she means something to him. The best option for a gift is flowers. Again, it shouldn’t be giant bouquet – a single fresh-cut rose will be enough.

Compliment her.

Be ready to be left speechless by your date’s stunning look. Ukrainian girls try to look their best on a daily basis. When it comes to a date, they will try even harder. It may take them two hours to bring their appearance to perfection (makeup and things like that), so they certainly deserve to hear a few pleasing words from you. Do not fail to compliment your date on her great looks in a casual manner without making her blush.

Dress sharp.

Clothes make the man. Follow this principle when you’re going on a date with a Ukrainian girl. Men often underestimate the role of their attire, particularly the way it can influence other people’s perception of them. Since Ukrainian girls pay much attention to how men look, dress to impress. Leave your sweatsuit at home if you want a second date. A Ukrainian girl will think that a man doesn’t respect her if he shows up wearing dirty sneakers and stained T-shirt. You need to be compatible with your date, so knowing that she will wear a dress and heels, you need to dress up. A shirt and blazer jacket, nice jeans or trousers, and clean polished shoes will make a good combination.

Choose the right place for a date.

Women hate when men ask them at the beginning of a date where she would like to go. It’s the man who should decide where he takes his woman. That is why use the Internet to find a romantic venue for your first date with a lovely Ukrainian woman. Avoid fancy restaurants because average Ukrainians do not go there very often or at all. Instead, look for a cozy small restaurant or café where your date will feel comfortable.

Greet her in a gentlemanly way.

You should start off on the right foot by greeting your date properly. Ukrainian girls are a kind of old-fashioned in terms of dating etiquette. Do not spoil the whole evening by shaking hands with your Ukrainian date like business partners do – the event is different. Although it may seem old-school to you, kiss your woman’s hand as a sign of greeting. She will appreciate your chivalrous manners.

Keep your conversation casual.

Again, it’s the man who sets the mood for the whole date. Since you’ve been dating online for a while, you know each other pretty well. What can you discuss on your first real-life date? Anything, actually. If you’re at a loss, start by asking how she is doing and how the things at work are. Also, ask about her family, how they are doing – she will appreciate this question. These questions are absolutely appropriate and they will warm you up and give you the hints for introducing new topics.

Comment on her city/town.

Ukrainians love their country and their native cities where they grew up, so don’t miss an opportunity to compliment on your woman’s hometown. Also, ask her to show you around, she’ll do it with pleasure.

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