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Girls, no matter how faithful they seem in the eyes of the guys, can lose control and cheat. However, not always they have enough courage to tell that they did it. So it remains hidden.

So, what are the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you? We will tell you the most obvious signs and it is better to remember them. This is necessary because thus you can understand whether you should continue a relationship or she doesn’t deserve you.

signs girl cheating

1. She doesn’t want you to take her things

For example, you can’t touch such personal things as her phone or something where a correspondence with another man can be found. The most obvious sign is the restriction to take her phone. She sets passwords in all social networks and emails. This is the clear picture and the fact that your girlfriend has something to hide.

2. A girl began to take care of her appearance more than usually

Most women at any age take care of their beauty and appearance. Moreover, this task is one of the main ones for many girls. However, if your woman starts taking care of her appearance, wearing beautiful dresses, and making makeup like she is a superstar out of the blue, it's time to think for whom she does it.

3. She doesn’t want to have sex

This is one of the most obvious signs a woman is cheating. If you invite her to your home, she understands that sex can’t be avoided there and refuses intensively, postpones the meeting for another day, then it says a lot. Hence, there is someone in the life of your woman who satisfies her. If you don’t have sex more than a month and your woman doesn’t want it, it's likely that she already enjoyed with another guy.

what are signs your girlfriend is cheating on you4. A girl stays late at university or work

If your woman starts to stay late at university or office for no apparent reason, then you should be alert. Don’t blame a girl for betrayal immediately because the situation at work can be really difficult. Perhaps a girl really needs to stay to finish a project. It concerns studies as well. But you need to pay attention to this.

5. A girl often turns off a cell-phone

Maybe you had cases when you called your girlfriend and her phone was turned off. You asked why she had her phone turned off and heard in response that the battery was dead. Usually, she can turn it off to avoid getting caught.

How to catch a girl when a phone is turned on but you feel that she is not where she says? It is very simple. A girl says that she is at home, but maybe she is with another guy. Ask who else, except her, is at home. She may say that she is with a younger brother. Great. Ask her to give a phone to her brother or ask her to do any other things. A phone is the best way to find out if a girl is cheating on you.

6. Unexpected changes of behavior

A mood of any girl changes once a month and a man can’t tell her anything about this. But if it changes day by day for a long period of time and her behavior is difficult to explain, then you can’t just close your eyes on it. Maybe she's cheating on you and that is why she's so nervous.

7. She stopped paying attention to your mistakes

Many girls try to change their men, pointing out all their faults and shortcomings to them. But if your lady has stopped doing this, then this can be a signal that she wants to break up with you.

8. A girl has a new friend

In our time, girls can be friends with men, even without a hint of love relationships. Of course, there is no need to be jealous of every man from the list of her friends. But if she has a new friend with whom she often communicates, then pay particular attention to it.

9. She often goes to nightclubs with girlfriends

Any girl needs to rest with her friends. But if your woman often goes to nightclubs with friends, then sooner or later it can end with the fact that she will wake up in bed with another man.

10. She is very jealous of you

It may also happen vice versa: a girl, who cheated on, projects her infidelity on a partner and begins to be constantly jealous. She tries to draw the suspicion away from herself, focusing on you, or she does it unconsciously because she's cheating on you.

If one sign is observed, it doesn’t mean that she is unfaithful, but if there are more than two signs, then most likely she is a cheater. Work on your relations so that your other half will not allow even the thought of infidelity.

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