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It happens that you are so impressed with a girl during your first date that you start counting hours to your second meeting. Not everyone knows how much effort girls usually put to be that attractive.

a first date went well

Understanding The Nature Of Attraction

Human attraction is an important factor when choosing a partner. The key thing here is that human attractiveness includes many other triggers except appearance. So what do women do in order to be so attractive and charming?

They wear dresses. And the longer is the skirt, the better. Do not think it is not sexy. A mini skirt is not what causes sexual attraction in humans. Feminine clothing is what helps women collect and accumulate the female energy. If a woman lacks extreme in such a dress, suggest her wear it without underwear (at least at home).

They wear perfumes. Pheromones in human attractiveness play a major role and cosmetic producers know about it. They moisturize the skin. No matter how sexy her body is, the essential thing about it is a soft and pleasant-to-touch skin. Women use scrubs and lotions regularly, they do face masks and other useful procedures that make their skin even more attractive.

They do the hair men like. In most cases, men hate the unnatural hair and too bright and unnatural colors. In addition, we enjoy putting our hands into women’s hair, so a woman's haircut should allow us to do it pleasantly. It does not matter how long the hair is, the main thing is that it is well-groomed, neatly trimmed, pleasantly smelling and not left in your hand after your head massage.

They talk about pleasant things. Scandalous girls and those who bless out a lot lose their attraction immediately. Thus, ladies do not gossip and do not criticize, at least during the date. They try to choose something interesting, exciting and useful to talk about instead.

a date went well They build plans to meet their goals and our desires. Active men are attracted to ladies, who know what they want from life, who achieve their goals regularly. If a woman does not want anything, nobody will be interested in her longer than for a night.

They sing in a karaoke bar, they dance and they do yoga. It pleases, relaxes, and takes negative emotions away. Therefore, it makes them more attractive.

They remain confident and feminine simultaneously. This is what causes sexual attraction in humans. Of course, everything should be mutual in relationships. Thus, make sure that the effort she puts to attract you is also mutual. Human mutual attraction behaviors are considered to be very important and useful.

How To Know If A Date Went Well And You Should Proceed

Taking into account how much effort women put into their charms, you should consider doing the same. Be charming and you will have no need to guess whether a first date went well or not. Thus, make sure you are as attractive as she is.

  • Cut your hair and wash it regularly.
  • Take shower twice a day (morning and evening one).
  • Use deodorants, and good toilet water. It will make you more desirable in her eyes.
  • Shave your face every day or at least every other day (there is nothing worse than a nasty stitching bristle).
  • If you wear a mustache or a beard, then make sure they look neat and tidy.
  • Make sure your teeth are healthy. There is nothing worse than a bad breath; it will 100% spoil your first date.
  • Take care of your hands and nails. A visit to a manicurist does not turn you into a gay. It will simply transform your dirty claws into well-groomed hands.
  • Watch your figure.
  • Pay attention to your clothes. They should be: clean, free from stains and holes; with all the buttons in place; fashionable and beautiful.

Now, being aware of the basics of attractiveness, let’s go to a more serious business. What are the signs a first date went well?

1. She was nervous

The first date, like it or not, is stressful for both partners. Even if you are seeing a beauty queen, she will still care, at least a little, whether you like her or not (who knows, maybe you have a poor eyesight). As a rule, calmness is a symptom of indifference. She won’t care if you find her attractive with a dill stuck between her teeth, or not, because, apparently, she does not plan to see you again.

2. She looked into your eyes

Everything is living its life and is developing. However, speaking of women, the eyes – an epicenter of coquetry – has not changed for ages. And the more sparkling and active her eyes are, the better. If you don’t see her eyes flashing but avoiding you instead, this is a bad sign. As soon as you see your women sitting and staring at the plate, TV screen, the bar counter, etc., you should change your strategy. This tells that she is not interested in you at the moment.

3. The distance between you decreased

The more experienced the girl is, the more subtly and gently she will reduce the distance between you: move the body forward so you can study the content of her décolleté; touch your hand as if it was accidentally; remove some non-existent dust from the shoulder, etc. If there is no sense of distance shortening or tactile contact, don’t take her too serious thinking that the companion was simply paralyzed with delight at seeing your tie with the Simpsons.

should i ask her out​4. She puts her phone aside

There is nothing good in answering calls, sending messages, reading FB during the date, especially if this is your first date. This is an excellent way of saying bye-bye and not waiting until the end of the date. Therefore, if the woman is truly interested in you, she won’t spend the whole night staring at her smartphone. There may be an emergency but not ten emergencies for one evening.

5. The conversation is lively

The awkward pauses become more and more lengthy, your jokes are all plain, and she does not even try to stretch out a saving straw in the form of a heart-melting story from her childhood. I accept it she may be a sadist and enjoy watching your helpless attempts to revitalize the conversation.

6. She tries to find a common ground

The desire of a girl to discover and note the similarities, if that was the case, even according to the most insignificant and trifling aspects (Oh, cool, I am also allergic to broccoli) is nothing but a Friend or Foe system of recognition in action. A truly interested girl will be struggling to make you a little more “closer”. And vice versa, uninterested one will ignore your system of views and tastes, no matter how talented you may be whistling the song of her favorite band.

7. She did not mention her ex

This is the biggest dating taboo, especially on the first date. A girl who violates the unspoken rule of the dating etiquette, apparently, either is not interested in continuing communication or is not as vacant as you think.

8. She agrees to continue the evening

Yes, she wants to drink coffee in any other place, walk in the park, or listen to another breathtaking story about how you lost the little finger on your right foot. And this, frankly speaking, is cool. She consciously tries to prolong the pleasure she had during the dinner with you, for example. In case if you are given 1.5 hours of time and not a minute more, apparently, the date is failed.

9. She has no other plans

If your date does not even think to hide that she will go to the club with colleagues or to a concert with friends after your meeting, the date went bad. The verdict is clear: you did not catch her. And, on the contrary, there is no highest evaluation of the date than canceling all previous plans. When your girl confesses that she was going to meet her friend, but, perhaps, will cancel everything, a date went well. Here you can high-five yourself.

10. It’s time you say goodbye to each other

Well, it IS important how easy you were communicating all evening and how many jokes she was genuinely happy about. But the fact that the moment of farewell was tacitly delayed is even more important. All these stupid conversations in the taxi, awkward shifts from foot to foot in front of her doors – may look awkward, but in fact are a good sign. And on the contrary, if a girl, when she says she is leaving, goes easily and quickly, do not wait too much from her.

Signs Of Attraction After A Date

signs someone is attracted to youLet’s take a look at signs a woman is attracted to you. They are really important for men. Signs of attraction between two people will be useful in case if you are still hesitating whether your date was successful or not.

She becomes self-disclosed next to you

People are tactile creatures. This means we like touching things we find attractive. Therefore, it is easy to see women touching a silk dress or high-heeled shoes in a store. Regardless of the number of men a girl is seeing, she will not touch a single man if he is uninteresting to her. Her touch can be different. She can lightly touch your hip. Or grab you, saying: “Me too!” If she is a clever girl, she may come up with even more subtle forms of touch, for example, fix your collar playfully. Touches are signs you are attractive. Touching is important for women, and it is also important for men to know how to properly touch girls.

She has the same interests (or pretends she has)

If it's not about soy meat, imitation is often a good thing. If she is interested in ice fishing being a strict vegetarian, or if she suddenly catches a “Counter-Strike” mania, even though she is losing hopelessly even an entry-level bot, there is a chance she is just looking for reasons to spend more time with you.

She wants to take care of you as if she was your mom

I bet, it sounds frightening. There's nothing to worry about. It does not mean she will put a bib on you and feed you with mashed vegetables. It just means that she wants to take care of you. Starting with an offer to help you in cooking or sorting your laundry… Her housekeeping skills next to you will rush faster than the housewife from the 1950s.

She asks for help

On the other hand, if she falls in love with you, she will try to use your help. “The lady in need” is one of the oldest (and most effective) known tricks. If she complains that she is cold, it is possible that she hints she needs your jacket. Of course, if you offer, and she refuses, she is probably really cold, and she does not need you and your chivalry. If she worries about her broken curtains/bike/basket/lights, she will ask you to help her repair them. Maybe she does not really need your help. She may just want your attention.

She's mocking at you

When you were young, most likely, you teased girls you liked. I cannot call it the best way to increase self-confidence, but in adult world the situation remains the same. A woman who sneers at your musical taste, your shoes, or a horrific love for cheap telecoms is probably trying to get you involved in a small animated discussion. Easy sarcasm and mocking = signs you are attractive.

Ask Her Out - Yes Or No?

Finally, knowing all possible signs someone is attracted to you makes it easier to realize whether you should ask her out again or not. Don’t torture yourself with the questing: should I ask her out. Everything is much easier than it may seem. Therefore, if you have noted at least two signs mentioned above, ask her out without any doubts. Ask her to do something together. I bet she wants to spend another evening or day with you. She simply may be waiting for you to ask. Asking her out should be a piece of cake for you!

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