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Every person wants to be happy and build healthy relationships. Relationships of men and women are particularly difficult. They get to know each other, communicate, fall in love, make friends, break up, make it up, and this list can be continued to infinity. Yes, each relationship begins with romance, passion, and admiration. At the very beginning, a man and a woman are over the moon and think that love euphoria will exist forever. They believe that the idyll will continue for a long time, but if they don’t make an effort, then the routine will take effect, and the relationship will ruin. There are relationship rules for couples that you should follow. Without them, love and relationships can’t exist.

relationship rules for couples

General Relationship Rules

Here we start with several important relationship rules. If you don’t engage in relationships, then everything will end in quarrels and a breakup, even if you are fine now. We often let love and relationships take their course, and then we are surprised at the next collapse of our personal life. When everything is good in the relationship, we don’t even think about it. And when you spoil everything and break up, it’s too late to do something and take action. So, to avoid it, you should learn the secrets of a good relationship between a man and a woman. Pay attention to the following tips.

1. Relationships should bring joy

What are the rules for a relationship? Unfortunately, if the relationship has ceased to be a joy, then this is a sign of its fast approaching end. Quarrels, offenses, reproaches, suspicions deprive you of energy. Excuses like, “We have to save a family for the sake of children,” “At least, it is better to be with him/her than to stay alone” are a sign that you are trying to persuade yourself to stay in this relationship. However, you will regret over time that you have spent so much time on a person who you don’t love and on a relationship without the future. If there is nothing left in the relationship but negative, it is better to stop them. Moreover, relationships should be easy. You can call it whatever you want: a spark, love at first sight, etc., but it should be easy from the very beginning. This means that you are the same in something: you have common interests, you understand each other, and you are not bored together. You are well together. Relationships that begin with suffering are not an easy relationship. Unrequited love for several years and long attempts to achieve reciprocity – happy and strong relationships don’t start like that.

2. Don’t control

This is one of those rules in a relationship that you certainly have to follow. Truly loving people will not encroach on the freedom of their partners because control creates distrust. The more freedom you give, the closer a person wants to be. This is an axiom. It is foolish to pull the plug on a soulmate, deprive a person of his/her past, friends, hobbies, even freedom of choice. Even a call to a partner to find out where he/she is and what he/she does is also the form of control. The habit of knowing everything about everyone prevents you from relaxing and accepting the world as it is. Love doesn’t provide for golden shackles.

3. Take care

Caring always cause warm feelings and gratitude. If at a difficult moment, a person is ready to give his/her shoulder, listen, help with advice, then this will be appreciated. But all sorts of little things that we directly associate with care, for example, unexpected coffee in bed, flowers, care when a partner is sick, and so on are even more noticeable and pleasant. To put the interests of a partner above your own is a true manifestation of care. Solve problems together. Show your chosen one that you are not indifferent to his or her experiences. Support them with words and deeds. Give advice on what you would do in a particular situation.

open relationship rulesPolyamorous Relationship Rules

Polyamorous people are those who love more than one person at once. They argue that many are unhappy because of the imposed model of a family of two people who are obliged to be faithful to each other. After all, not everyone is capable of this despite the fact that love for one person doesn’t deny love for another. These people are able to love several at once. Polyamorous relationships are built on the principles of love and trust. The main postulate of polyamory: a person and his or her feelings don’t belong to another, and they are free to express them to whom they wish and as they want if it doesn’t affect anyone’s limits of what is permitted. And the main polyamorous relationship rules are the following.

4. Don’t compare

Never, you hear, never compare your partners. This must be your number one rule among the rules of a relationship of polyamorous people. Maybe one of the partners is better in something but let this remain with you. Taunts in bed like, “My second partner does it differently” or detailed stories about third-party sex can easily destroy all this shaky structure.

5. Trust

In relationships of this kind, trust between the partners must be maintained. And this is one of those rules for a good relationship that can’t be discussed. However, we all know that women are jealous creatures, and it will take time to overcome this feeling. So, you should communicate more often with each other. There are different situations. It may be necessary to correct the terms of your agreement, for example, reduce the number of partners or the frequency of visits with them. Problems need to be negotiated and solved as they arise, otherwise, a sense of permanent discomfort is inevitable.

Open Relationship Rules

Recently, few people will be surprised by open relationships, and many studies confirm that monogamy is not peculiar to people. Of course, if you feel that freedom in relationships is what you (and maybe your partner) need, then it is time to discuss it with him or her. And here it is very important to agree on key points in advance. Deep mutual feelings are the first thing that is very important, and this can be achieved only if you both talk about it, discuss what is permissible, and set certain boundaries.

6. Limit the number of dates with another partner

You can go on dates but don’t do it too often! The risk here is that if one partner spends more time with another person, he/she may become too attached or fall in love with this stranger. Someone stops frequent visits, the other keeps them secret. It’s very easy to start lying to your partner without even noticing it. It often happens when both partners lie to each other in an open relationship, sooner or later they still find out the truth, and the relationship comes to an end.

7. Never suppress or hide negative emotions

In any relationship, you need to communicate more, discuss the problems and experiences that have arisen. Discussion of feelings is the key to a successful union. Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and what causes unbearable discomfort. This will help identify the negative and positive aspects of open relationships. Yes, to build an open relationship is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Partners will have to step over themselves in some moments. For a start, you must firmly decide and accept a variety of nuances, as well as follow the rules for an open relationship. They will help you do everything correctly.

Casual Relationship Rules

Relationships without commitment only seem simple, in fact, people subconsciously bind to those with whom they have sex. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the casual relationship rules that will help you fully control the process.

8. Set the rules for your relationship at the earliest stage

It is very important to avoid misunderstandings and pain in the future. For example, both of you must agree that you have no obligations to each other! And none of you can make any claims. How can you communicate with each other, so as not to violate personal space? Where will you meet? Who pays for what? (This is especially important if you go on vacation together or live together.) Money is always a very important topic, and it’s best to discuss it at an early stage. Don’t expect a partner in such a relationship to bear all costs and solve your financial problems. This is one of the most important rules of a relationship of this type.

rules for a good relationship9. Have a ready plan to end the relationship

When you are in a casual relationship, it may end at any time, and this will end differently, not only when passion suddenly disappears but when one of you will fall in love. Remember that you don’t choose when to fall in love. For sure, easily recall the case when you or your friends turned out to be deeply in love instead of a short-term affair. You may think, “This will never happen to me!” But be careful! You can’t fight with love! Now we will tell you one of the exclusive relationship rules: don’t expect your relationship to grow into something more. It is very rare that you will be able to convince a person that you are the one he or she is looking for.

Long-Distance Relationship Rules

There are many reasons why two loving people live in different cities or even countries. This is quite a serious test. According to statistics, such relationships can last 2-3 years but no more. So, how to survive this period as painlessly as possible when you and your significant other are separated by kilometers? Here are two main long-distance relationship rules.

10. Don’t cause jealousy and don’t be jealous yourself

Jealousy is simply murderous. If a person has even the slightest hint of the infidelity of a soulmate, then there will be a big problem. You must agree, there is no point in maintaining a relationship with a person who neglects your feelings and relationships. Therefore, if any suspicious things happen in your turbulent life, it is better not to report this to your loved one. Did you hang out with friends yesterday? Did you attend a concert of a favorite band? This, of course, brightened your dull days. But if you seriously want to save relationships with a person who is now far away, then don’t tell him or her these details. If we are talking about normal relationships, then there is nothing reprehensible in such actions. But in long-distance relationships, everything is aggravated, so don’t spoil the nerves of your loved one. And don’t torture yourself with thoughts that your partner cheats on you. You must trust and not be jealous – these are the healthy relationship rules. If there are no obvious signs of infidelity, then just throw all these thoughts out of your head. Don’t be jealous. Jealousy kills love, and jealousy at a distance turns relationship into a cycle of suspicion and justification. If you are not able to forget about jealousy, then it is better to leave and not harass yourself and your partner.

11. Do pleasant surprises

Surprises and gifts will help keep relationships at a distance in tone. For example, order flowers for her or write him a letter by hand. Gifts are especially appreciated by such things when distance separates you. Your partner will smile and feel a part of you, looking at a gift or re-reading the letter, which you also held in your hands. And if it also smells like your perfume, your soulmate will just go crazy with happiness. Pleasant surprises from a loved one will give you the confidence that he/she doesn’t forget about you and is waiting for the meeting as much as you do. This will help your feelings not to fade away and make it easier to wait for the meeting. This is good rules for a platonic relationship. The time in separation will pass unnoticed. Also, use any, even the slightest opportunity to see each other. Come to your loved one, and if you can’t come yourself, then buy her a ticket to you. Do everything that you can to see each other as often as possible, and then you will experience time faster and easier at a distance. Spontaneous trips will improve your relationship again and again because they will be accompanied by hot hugs, vivid emotions, and a terrific opportunity to finally see your loved one! Make every such meeting unforgettable.

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