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Most Common First Date Problems

If you’re dating, then you simply can’t afford to ignore the importance of a first date. To be perfectly clear, it would be appropriate to say that a first date decides everything. Your success entirely depends on a first date. Therefore, you need to know what to do and what not to do on a first date. The following guide will help you to avoid typical first date problems.

first date troubles

Bad Dressing Choices

Very often women can be disappointed by how you are dressed. Some men show total negligence and make a bad first impression. Other men, oppositely, pay too much attention to their clothes and overdo it. This also can make a bad impression because an obsession with looks is not a good thing.

Communication Issues

The most common first date problem is an inability to communicate effectively. Sometimes it happens so that dating partners just can’t get along. Perhaps, they don’t fit each other and are too different. However, often this is not the case because men don’t know how to communicate effectively. Men often disrespect their partners, refuse to talk about themselves, don’t know how to listen, and ignore basic principles of non-verbal communication. Therefore, instead of attracting a woman they express rejection.


Another typical first date problem is diffidence. This is, perhaps, the most serious and critical problem which often causes failure. You simply can’t win if you don’t believe in yourself. You also can’t demand others to believe in you if you don’t express confidence. Men who are nervous and uncertain push their dating partners off. If there’s one thing a woman can’t stand about men is diffidence.

how to plan a dateOverconfidence and Arrogance

It is required to be confident if you want to succeed on a first date. However, sometimes men go to extremes and start thinking that they just can’t lose. This immoderate pride can also push women off. Men who are overconfident make women mad. In order to avoid first date troubles a certain delicate balance between diffidence and confidence should be maintained.


One can expect anything from a first date but never predict it would be boring. If your date is boring, then you’d better don’t hope for a second date. Women like to see creativity and originality in men they’re dating. A first date should be especially interesting, exciting, and spectacular. Under no circumstances, it should be boring, annoying, or tiresome. Who would want to repeat such experience? Nobody, of course.


Even though you are required to create a bond making personal contact and familiarizing yourself with a woman you’re dating, you also need to respect the boundaries. Sometimes it happens that men act in a buddy way right in the beginning. You should not behave in a super friendly way from the start. Even though there’s a possibility of romantic relationships, you are still almost strangers when on a first date. A lot of men, though, do more than they are allowed to, and by that push their dating partners away.

Step 1: Dress Sharp and Look Effortlessly Flawless

You should start to prepare by deciding what to wear on a first date. Looks are important, especially in the beginning. Your appearance can either support or fail you. Remember that on a first date there’s nothing else for a woman to judge you by. What you say is yet to be checked. What you do in front of her, you do for the first time. What you wear, though, you probably wear regularly. Therefore, you dress that way. That’s like the only thing which a woman can say defines you. You may totally ignore your clothes but you can’t expect a woman to do the same and hope for success.

Dress Casually

So, how to dress for a first date? The first option is to dress casually. When you dress casually you feel more comfortable. Nowadays, you can dress casually even for special occasions. However, your regular outfit must look good enough to wear it all the time. Think about what type of clothes you wear. Keep in mind your buying habits, and consider colors, material, size, etc. For those asking how to dress for a first date casual clothes may be the best option. Ask your friends what fits you best and wearing what you look good on a regular basis. Opinions of others may significantly improve your style.

Stay Comfortable and Look Good

The best answer to the question what to wear on a first date is simple: wear something comfortable and good-looking. You don’t need to change your entire wardrobe, hire a stylist, and go through fashion magazines only because of a date. You just need to consider some improvements or adjustments. Go shopping and choose some alternatives. Even consultants in the shops may help you. You need to be comfortable and look good. If you’re not comfortable, you can’t be relaxed. You may also become nervous if you don’t wear comfortable clothes. So, there’s no need to, for example, wear a tight jacket that is not your size only because it looks good. Be practical but critical.

In order to know how to dress for a first date properly, you need to pay attention to how you look. A style is always in fashion. The style is when you look good. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “do I look good?” In case the answer is affirmative, go dating and expect success. In case you think something’s missing, think again, and go through the algorithm given above from start. A different combination, one slight adjustment or a minor correction can significantly improve the way you look.


It is obvious that to know how to dress for a date one need to look after his clothes. It is just as important how clean and tidy your clothes are as what clothes you wear. If you wear a shirt, iron it well. Iron your pants too. If your suit needs to be looked after, visit a dry-cleaner. Make sure your leather shoes shine brightly. Altogether, be attentive and don’t let a ketchup stain or yesterday’s shirt make a girl think you’re careless.

first date advice for guys Step 2: Have a Plan - But Don't Overdo It

You need a plan if you want your date to be successful. Even though sometimes improvisation can be appropriate, having a plan is also effective. You need a plan so you won’t be left without choices during a date. You can experience different difficulties which can lower your chances to impress a woman. So, how to plan a date? Here are some useful tips on planning a date.

Be Original and Creative

Start by being creative and original. To plan a date properly means getting ready to impress a girl you date. Nobody likes clichés and common things. All girls go crazy about original exceptions, new experiences, and unique activities. Be creative and think out of the box. Always consider alternatives and different options. For example, you may not go to a restaurant but visit a festival, a fair or a carnival. Instead of going to a cinema visit a museum or a gallery. Buy her a present even though it’s your first date. It should be something small but interesting. Making your date interesting is what you need to plan first of all.

You should come up with your own great date ideas. It is not working as long as you do not come up with them yourself. For example, you may be advised to bring a girl a box of chocolates. Thousands of other men may be advised the same. Therefore, in order to be original, you need to come up with something that is your own. Go to a souvenir store and choose something. If you know something about your girl before your first date, use this information. Think hard and use your own first date ideas. Remember that something that is your own is ten times more valuable than something you borrowed.


Your romantic date plans should be supported by your confidence and positive thinking. You can only achieve success when you aim for it. Unless you’re motivated enough, your plans would most certainly be ruined. Therefore, believe in yourself and be enthusiastic. Having the right motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence a perfect plan will come to you by itself. You’re going to use some great ideas of your own and impress a girl you’re dating.

Have a Back-Up Plan

You should always have a back-up plan because often plans go awry. For example, you chose to visit a certain bar to attend a concert there. Unfortunately, the concert was canceled. What to do? Have an alternative solution for situations like this. You should be able to deal with obstacles on your way and don’t depend on circumstances.

Here are some original first date advice to include in your plans. Feel free to change and adjust them how you think is necessary. Make a trip out of your first date. Choose a destination going where won’t take much time and will leave you with enough time to get back. You can visit a neighbor city or take a tour to some caves, waterfalls, parks, and reservations outside the town. You can have a picnic or a boat ride. Like it? Do it!

Step 3: Don't Screw It Up!

When everything is done and ready, your main objective is not to ruin it. How could you ruin a date? What can cause problems? Guarantee yourself a happy end of your date by following the best first date advice.

Don’t Take It for Granted

Doing everything you can to win her heart, you shouldn’t take success for granted. For example, she can say she looks forward to meeting you again next time. You shouldn’t immediately think how cool you are because she can easily take it back. Even on a second and third date you and your dating partner are still in the process of becoming familiar with each other. Therefore, always maintain a cool poker face when things go your way. With such attitude, you will continue to win.

best first date advice Take It Easy

Another first date advice that can help you secure your positions is to take everything easy. Don’t get all encouraged if she likes you. Keep calm and stay relaxed. Sometimes men become too encouraged and start getting nervous understanding that they attract a woman. It may pretty easily push her off. She might think that you are careless because you think you already won her heart. In the end, though, it is just as much up to her as it is up to you. Remember it.

Pay Attention to What She Says

Here is one more important first date advice for men. Always be attentive to what she has to say. Women like men who can listen. Ask her questions and express real interest in what she’s talking about. Don’t ignore her because nobody likes it. Also, don’t make it about yourself talking all the time. Keep a delicate balance between talking and listening because success lies in the middle. You should be open and willing to talk. You should also listen carefully with attention. You can’t pretend that you’re interested. A woman will only believe you when you’re sincere.


Maintaining eye-contact is a very popular first date advice for guys. You probably heard that eyes are the mirror a person’s soul. This sentimental proverb is based on reality, though. It is crucial for you to look her in the eyes. You shouldn’t monitor her all the time, girls don’t like it. You should look her in the eyes occasionally from time to time. It is advised to look for no longer than 3 seconds. Otherwise, it might seem weird. Look her in the eyes to show your interest. Smile when you do it. Make your own gaze enigmatic, cool, and comforting. Try thinking about how her look makes you feel. Try practicing on strangers on the street if you feel weird doing it. Keep in mind that one look is worth a thousand words.

Mutual Respect

Finally, remember to respect a girl you are dating. Treat her right and don’t demand more than she can give at the time. Be patient and responsible. A romantic bond can only be created with mutual respect. Don’t fall for prejudices because of either her age, or her work. Be open-minded about the dating experience. Seeing that you respect her, a girl would most certainly become more open. Be understanding, tolerant, and kind. In other words, be a gentleman.

All in all, now you know what to do and what not to do on a first day. Follow the provided guide and be ready for some huge success. Be confident, dress sharp, and come up with creative ideas. Good luck!

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