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It seems as if people have been talking about the chemistry between a man and a woman since the beginning of everything. There are a lot of different myths regarding this topic. Most people, however, believe in love at first sight, and science provides evidence in favor of the statement that women choose potential partners and future fathers of their children based on the smell of a man. There is also the assumption that opposites are attracted, but others believe that commonality strengthens relationships. How does it really work? If we try to imagine all our partners, then with high probability, we will find some identical features, not only in personal qualities but also in appearance, facial features, or even similar smell, commonality in professional orientation and social status of people which we choose.

chemistry between a man and a woman

What is Chemistry Between Two People?

Have you ever felt that you feel a strange connection with a person you meet for the first time? The feeling is as if something happened inside of you, and you feel a strong tension but cannot explain it. We call it "perfect chemistry" when two people feel attracted to each other for no reason. What message does your body want to convey to you? It's too early to be called love, but yes, this is the first step towards the relationship. This means that both people showed interest in another understandable way. If you are very attracted to someone, this person takes all your thoughts, and sometimes all your free time. You talk together all night, and it seems that only an hour has passed. If you hear a bell, you hope that it is from this very special person. And most likely it is. You are constantly wondering what he (or she) would think about this song, about this film, about the weather, how would they comment on your visit to the dentist and the like.

Chemistry can be called passion, illness. It is well described by the formula "spark, storm, madness." When chemistry occurs, something in your behavior and traits of your character causes a dopamine surge in your partner. The same thing is happening to you. And that’s it, you are gone. You constantly spend time with each other, but it is always not enough. You whisper cute words to each other’s ear, do not hesitate to use the word “L” and annoy everyone around you within a kilometer radius. Chemistry is strongly reflected in sexual relationships. In its absence, the couple is doomed to boring, unemotional sex. And in the presence of strong chemistry, most likely, you are waiting for vivid nights (and days) that both of you will remember for a lifetime.

What Causes Chemistry Between Two People?

It is difficult to trace what exactly is the cause of chemistry. Any little thing can start the mechanism: for example, you will like how he or she laughs at your jokes. People feel chemistry immediately. An important distinguishing feature of chemistry is the reciprocity of sensations. If you feel something, you can be sure that your soulmate feels the same. For each other, you become perfect empaths. Strong chemistry usually occurs between people with opposing but complementary traits. For instance, a sensitive, energetic and slightly nervous girl can be extremely attractive to a calm, soft and unemotional young man. Usually, introverts are naturally attracted to extroverts. Kings of time management are often attracted by unorganized individuals acting spontaneously.

Sometimes it seems that the choice of a future partner is not made by the brain but by some other organ that is not capable of explanation. Which one? Vomeronasal! The nerve endings of the vomeronasal organ are connected not to the cerebral cortex but the subcortical part. That is, the process of distribution of sympathies occurs at the subconscious level, without the intervention of the brain. It is no secret what places of the human body pheromones secrete. These are the apocrine glands under the armpits, as well as around the nipples, in the groin, in the navel and genital area. chemistry between a man and a womanAnd also around the lips. But especially - on a small patch of upper lip under the nose. Kisses are the best way to "get closer" to your lover. Even a friendly kiss will increase the exchange of pheromones several hundred times what causes chemistry between two people.

Chemistry vs Love

Love begins with the fact that we are attracted by a nice representative of the opposite sex, and a complex chemical reaction occurs in the brain, the result of which is the hormone phenylethylamine, the hormone of passion, interest. After some time, when our hobby is reciprocal, one of the most powerful hormones enters the bloodstream, dopamine, which causes the loving ecstasy that we experience when we are in love. The hormone dopamine charges with strength, energy, push to risky acts and excites. In its action, it is comparable to a drug that is certainly addictive. We need more and more doses of the hormone dopamine, and if your feeling is not reciprocated, then this is comparable to drug withdrawal. Perhaps unrequited love is one of the most severe shocks for the body, a person can fall into extreme depression and even dare to commit suicide. To make up for the lack of love hormone, a person is looking for a new partner, and everything is repeated.

If after romantic love, the relationship goes into the next, physical stage, then the hormone oxytocin appears on the stage, which causes very strong emotions. Without it, orgasm and sexual satisfaction would not have been possible. Moreover, talking about women, the release of this hormone is delayed, unlike men, this explains why women need a long foreplay and frank conversations.

During intimacy, touches, and kisses, the hormone oxytocin is produced in increasing quantities, which opens the way for entry into the body of such a powerful painkiller as the hormone endorphin. In its composition and action, this hormone resembles morphine, it calms the nervous system, gives a sense of peace and security. The hormone endorphin is also called the hormone of happiness. The more often you find yourself in bed with the object of your passion, the more endorphin is produced, and the more you become attached to your partner. Of course, after such an intoxicating hormonal drink we already completely lose our heads, and it does not matter for us whether our feeling is mutual or not.

Here, the hormone phenylethylamine begins to actively manifest itself, because of which there is a need to see, hear, touch the partner to again activate the mechanism for the production of the hormone endorphin. This explains why lovers cannot live without each other even a day, our brain requires a new portion of hormones.

20 Signs That Show Strong Chemistry Between Two People

Now that we've found out the scientific part of strong chemistry between two people, we will get to know how to tell if there's chemistry between two people. There are many signs that there is something between you. Let's take a look at the list of the most reliable of them.

1. You keep eye contact all the time. This is one of the proofs that there is a strong attraction between two people. As you look at each other all the time and do not pay attention to other people around you, this is it, the beginning of something romantic and wonderful. The fact that you forget about other people means that you start losing your head. Moreover, the eyes are the mirror of the soul because they never lie. Looking at each other, you can see all the gamut of feelings: both desire and gentle light.

2. Pay attention to body language. This is a psychological reflex that you cannot even notice. The sexual chemistry between two people makes people sit closer to each other, play with hair or fingers, lick or bite lips. Also, this magnetic connection between people often makes people blush, smile a lot and change the poses all the time like crossing or uncrossing legs.

3. You end up being together all the time. You cannot even notice how you end up being next to this person again. It is if your body decides what to do and you just obey. The interesting fact is that other people notice it and can even be irritated or make a laugh of you two, but it is not important at all, there are only you two and this strong magnetic feeling between you.

4. Teasing in public. Maybe some time ago you were used to being quite shy and calm, but now everything has changed. Even in a crowded room, you feel a super high level of intimacy between the two of you. When you can conduct whole conversations with a wink or when your eyes are constantly looking at each other during conversations, this is one of the most common signs of chemistry between a man and a woman.

5. The strong tension between you. We instinctively reach for those who physically attract us. This attraction is dictated to us by chemistry. As you feel this connection and even worry a little bit before you are going to meet this person, this is strong chemistry. Also, you can feel even a little embarrassed or tensed when you meet this partner, this is an absolutely normal reaction of your brain.

6. Always smiling. The reason that a smile appears on your face whenever you see your partner is absolutely clear. You are just very happy to see this person, and a smile is the basic reaction of joy. Meanwhile, when he\she smiles when talking to you, you cannot help smiling as well.

chemistry between a man and a woman7. Trying to get your attention. As you notice, that he\she talks more loudly than often, wears new clothes, or, for example, even tries not to notice you, you can be sure that this is an attempt to get your attention. It is an absolute reflex of human behavior since childhood. Do you remember how small children behave when they like somebody? The same is in the case of adults.

8. You start noticing even the smallest details. However, earlier you didn't use to notice all the smallest details, now you are like a detective: you notice every change in the mood of the person you like, a new style of clothes, hairstyle, a smell of the perfumes and even the color of a new jacket. Also, you pay attention to everything he\she says and remember it even in a couple of days.

9. It seems as if you have known each other for ages. Has it ever happened that you only met a person, but you already have the feeling that you have known each other since birth? This suggests that with a high degree of probability you have very good compatibility.

10. You two behave the same way. When two people start a relationship, they take each other's manners because they want to be closer to the other person and want to get gratitude from them. This gradually leads to a reflection of each other's behavior. Very often people start using the same words and phrases, although they didn't use them before.

11. You want to meet again and again. When two people begin to feel mutual chemistry, they know that time passes quickly because they are into each other's company. So the time of the meeting passes, and they want to spend more time with each other, even if they have just met. The magnetic attraction between two people makes them forget about everything else.

12. You are sexually attached to this person. Providing you know about all the disadvantages of your partner, but you are still attracted to him\her, this incomprehensible spiritual connection has no apparent reason. So, the whole thing is in chemistry! From hand to kiss, when two people slowly approach, they become comfortable in maintaining physical contact, they participate both emotionally and physically in each other.

13. You two laugh at the same things. If two people know what makes the other person laugh, it means that they have paid close attention to each other and can cause a smile on their faces even in dark days. Sarcasm holds a spark in a relationship. No matter how different your partner is, if you can understand and enjoy sarcasm, you can get along very well without misunderstanding.

14. You feel absolutely comfortable together. This is a feeling of eternity when you close your eyes. Or you two can look at each other for so long without even feeling weird or shy. Also, you feel absolutely comfortable not only when talking but being in silence. When silence also becomes a way of communication between two people, it is a positive sign that the relationship is blossoming.

15. You feel worried before the meeting. You cannot wait until you finally see each other and feel a lot of energy literally pulsating inside you. It is a mixture of excitement, admiration, and anticipation. Unlike the usual period of falling in love, you keep this feeling during the whole development of your relationship.

16. You behave as if you are a couple. Officially or not. One of the signs of chemistry between two people is their behavior. If you haven't even started dating when you two are together, the way you behave and arrange each other makes people around you assume that you two are together.

17. Common interests. Opposites attract each other. This is the first step, but the main base of the connection between two people occurs when they have common interests that they can talk about or do something together. This also proves that they will enjoy each other in the company always, like reading their favorite book together or playing sports together.

18. Your voice changes when you talk. Whenever you meet each other, you start talking in a gentle warm manner so that your voice changes. You can talk to your friends and relatives as usual, but then he\she calls, and that's it, you start talking in a cute gentle way that surprises people that know you as a friend.

19. Reaching a compromise is now easy. You were used to being stubborn or, at least, had your position in everything. Now, it is not difficult for you to agree on argumentative topics, you don't argue about such details with the person you like and can easily change your plans if he\she asks. This is because you find this person more important than arguing about your principles.

20. You can talk about everything. As you two are together, you can discuss all the interesting and minor things in the world and still stay interested in each other. Not losing interest in each other after everyday conversations on the phone and texting at night means that there is something between you.

All in all, the instant chemistry between man and woman exists, and there are many proofs of it. Scientists explain it using the knowledge about hormones and feelings, but what we know for sure is that chemistry of love is the best incomprehensible thing in the world. Although there are many strange things people feel while falling in love, this is, undoubtedly, the best feeling of all.

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