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More and more people search for partners online. If ten years ago it seemed like a very strange tendency, today it is absolutely normal. The percentage of people who use various dating apps and websites as well as the number of those websites is constantly increasing. There are many reasons why online dating has become so popular. First of all, it is a very convenient way to search for a partner because it doesn’t take too much of your time. Besides, we all have various gadgets and mobile phones that have Internet access. Thus, we can easily use various dating websites and apps, where we can meet single girls.

There is one more crucial reason why online dating has become so popular. On the Internet, on a women dating site, you can find beauties from all around the world. International dating is another thing that becomes more and more popular. People search for foreign partners because of many various reasons. Maybe, you will be also happy with some Thai or Russian beauty.

how to create the perfect online dating profile

Why Perfect Dating Profiles Are So Important

As you can see, online dating is a very important part of the lives of modern people. This explains why nowadays people want to know how to create a perfect online dating profile. You have already heard about that. But why? Because of the competition between people on various dating websites is just incredible. You should make a very nice profile if you want to be successful with girls there. Otherwise, other men will draw their attention away from you. In fact, there is nothing new here. Online dating works in a pretty much the same way as a normal one. No one will pay any positive attention to you if you look like a homeless person and smell terrible, right? The same principle is applied here, but instead of your looks and smell, people pay attention to your profile pictures and bio.

Modern online dating culture

The culture of online dating for younger people sounds like something boring, while older people recall stereotypes that online dating is just about one-night visits. Online dating is not about something boring because it was created to have fun, and it is the second most important thing in this process after finding a partner, of course. But having fun doesn’t always mean one-night meetings. If people use dating apps, they usually try to meet offline as soon as possible because the main idea of dating app is to help people quickly get acquainted with one another, while dating websites allow you to learn more about your partner and meet him or her only when you both are sure that you will like each other in the real-life too.

How much a good dating profile increases the chance to find a soulmate

Are you too lazy to devote time to your dating profile? Or maybe you are just very eager to start meeting girls online and don’t want to waste any moment? In both cases, it is worth spending a couple of hours to make a perfect dating profile for a guy because it gives an additional 1000 to your chances to find a soulmate. If you have an empty dating profile, then people will perceive you as a bot. No one wants to have chat with a bot. Even if you will have a dating profile, but with a poorly written bio and terrible photos, people will think that in real life, you have the same irresponsible approach to other matters. No one wants and needs a lazy or irresponsible partner.

Write a Good Dating Profile: Main Steps

We hope that now you understand that a perfect dating profile pays a central role in your success in online dating. First of all, you should understand that this is not a very easy task, especially if you have a technical mindset. But don’t worry, we are going to show you some steps that will tell you how to write the perfect online dating profile. Be ready that this process will take a lot of time and effort. But be sure, by spending a couple of hours now, you will save weeks or even months of search tomorrow.

perfect dating profile for a guyCreative username

Depending on a website or app that you use, you may have to make a nickname or use your real name. If you have or want to create a username instead of using your real name, you should choose it very carefully because you must avoid ambiguity. Especially if you want to find a woman from another country. Sometimes it is very hard to know that some nickname may sound ridiculous or even insulting for people of different cultures. This is why, on international dating websites, it is much better to use your real name.

Prepare catchy profile pictures

Profile pictures are the first things that girls will notice in your profile on any dating website or app. Only if a girl likes your pictures, she will read your bio. Choosing catchy profile pictures is a very important task if you want to create a perfect dating profile headline.

Thus, you should choose photos that represent your best sides. The best choice is to use photos of your travel adventures. Remember, you should be alone in those pictures. Otherwise, girls won’t be able to recognize you among other people.

Tell a story in bio

A perfect dating profile for a man should always have a story in bio. Of course, you can simply list several facts about yourself, and this will be better than nothing. But still not enough to be successful on dating websites. The perfect dating profile bio should tell a small story about you. It is great if you have a nice sense of humor because bios with jokes are much more popular than bios without humor at all. You should write in your bio a real story that happened to you. Unless you want to look like a liar.


As we have already mentioned, the second main idea of online dating is to have fun. If you approach this process too seriously, then you won’t be successful in it. Without having fun, you will leave online dating very soon. You must learn to enjoy your hunt and perceive possible failures as experience. Be yourself there because in this case, you will show your potential girlfriend who you really are, instead of showing her an artificial picture of you. If you find a way to enjoy dating websites, then your chances of finding a perfect partner will increase significantly.

Tips How to Write a Good Dating Profile

According to the above mentioned, we can say that writing a perfect online dating profile is a very hard thing because online dating is a very complex process that involves many different factors from your life. But there is some good news too. First of all, you must know that you don’t need any special skills except for the social one. Secondly, your experience in offline dating will be a good asset in online dating. Besides, to help you learn to write a dating profile, we are going to provide you with 5 tips about this topic.

1. Don’t hurry

The key thing in writing a perfect dating profile is to find enough time to do this. Because writing a dating profile is a very creative process, and human creativity highly depends on inspiration. If you don’t feel that you have a mood to write your bio today, then it is certainly better to do this tomorrow. But be very careful because if you always postpone this process, you won’t be able even to try to become a part of this magnificent world of online dating. Remember, the more you hurry, the fewer chances you have.

2. Don’t write too much about yourself

Your bio should be relatively short because people don’t like to read huge texts. The main idea of bio is to get attention to you. If you will write everything about you in your bio, what are you going to tell her in your letters? Huge bios only look good when they are truly very-well written. Nothing can be worse than a badly written long bio. So keep it short. Is it best to pay maximum efforts to the small text and work on every single detail in it, instead of spreading yourself too thin working on a huge bio?

how to write a dating profile3. Be creative

When writing your bio, you must be very creative. Because, nowadays, lots of people write standard stories, without anything special or interesting in them. It is very important on dating websites to stand out among others. This is why copying and adapting bios from other people is not a very good idea. Ideally, your bio should be short and simple, but it must reflect your personality. But you still can try to search for examples and re-render them in your own way. Don’t be afraid to drastically change the text, especially at the beginning.

4. Apply humor

Even the best story will sound boring and sapless without humor. Especially light humor is very important in dating profile headlines. Because the nice headline is key to your success in online dating. If you are not sure that your sense of humor allows you to write something remarkably cool, then use only a small portion of it. Don’t turn the whole bio into the one big joke. This will only tell women that you take life lightly, and this is not always a good thing. You may also try to watch some standups, entertainment shows and read bios of other people who know how to be funny. Thus, you will get an idea of what to joke about in your profile.

5. Clearly explain who you are searching for

This may sound like something very insulting and rude, but experience tells that this is crucial. You should mention in your bio what qualities you want your partner to possess. For example, if you don’t want your partner to be overweight, then you should mention in your bio that you want him or her to be slender. Note, you should express your desires and wishes in a very polite manner. If you manage to successfully do that, then people will appreciate your honesty, and you won’t face disappointments during online dating.

Perfect Dating Profile Examples

Writing a nice bio is a very tricky task since it takes a lot of effort and pays off only if you do everything right. This part of online dating is non-standard by itself. Here, a man should describe himself according to his ideas about life and dating. By just mentioning your height, weight, bad habits, and things like that, you won't get anywhere. For some people writing a bio is very stressful and hard. Don’t worry if your hands are shaking a little bit when you think about writing a bio. We are going to provide you with two short dating profile examples.

  • I am a journalist, engineer, and just a good person. Only, for now, I don’t have someone special to devote my life to! I like to get Americano coffee in the mornings. I love it when people live a full life because I am very active and sociable. I don’t like it when people try to manipulate me. I want to find a serious young woman with a strong character who is confident, active, and beautiful.
  • I believe that it is better to remain silent instead of telling something banal. I don’t want to find just someone whom I will be able to date as soon as possible. In my opinion, true love appears only after some time together. As you can see, first I would like us to jump in a car and drive after the sun for a couple of days, and on only after that, when we will be tired and exhausted I can be sure you are my type of woman.

Summarizing all the above mentioned, we want to say that a carefully written bio works for a man, maybe even more than a quality photo. The main idea that you should render into your bio is that your page belongs to a strong, confident, mature, and successful man with whom a good woman will be able to build a wonderful relationship. We hope that one day, everyone will be able to use your bio as a perfect online dating profile example.

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