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Many guys take the first date too seriously. Mostly because they do not know how to keep a text conversation going. They are convinced that if to do something wrong on a first date, it will completely destroy the date. However, this is completely untrue. After all, if a girl liked a guy, then she certainly will give him a second chance, so that he can fix it. Moreover, if a girl really liked a guy, she could give him a third chance. Some girls understand that on the first date a guy can be nervous and because of this talk nonsense. Therefore, ladies can turn a blind eye to this.

questions to keep a conversation going

However, if a young man tells a girl on a date completely unacceptable things, then she cannot ignore it. Even despite the fact that a girl is always ready to give a young man a second chance, if she liked him, many guys are afraid to go on a date. They think that they will not be able to find common topics for the conversation with a girl and they will not be able to talk with her. Howe

ver, it is this fear that restrains the guys, not allowing them to show their best characteristics. Therefore, the guys need to forget about the fear of communication on the first date, because there is nothing supernatural about this. Moreover, a girl can worry about this no less than you.

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl Over Text

This is the first initial step, and you have to know how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text. Texting is important, you can both do right and wrong things with it. There are some things to keep in mind when texting a girl. how to keep a conversation goingDo not ask questions, that imply long answers, these are better left for real life conversations. She will either get irritated by the fact that she has to spell it all to you, or she will ignore it, yet feel like she has done wrong, so don’t do it. Try not to worry too much during texting, since you may ask a weird question, that is out of character.

Whether it is weird, perverted, rude or whatever. In short, how to keep a conversation going over text – keep a cool attitude, don’t experiment, don’t worry, you are not in an actual real-life conversation yet, you don’t have to worry. What are the questions to ask over text to keep a conversation going? Nothing implying long answers, nothing boring or perverted. All of these things work exactly the same with how to keep a conversation going on tinder.

Do I Need to Prepare a List of Questions Before Meeting with a Girl?

Many men, before going on a first date with a girl, carefully prepare for it. They worry about how to keep a conversation going. In addition to the appearance, most of the guys before the meeting also make up a list of topics that they will discuss with a girl. They are sure that if you prepare this list in advance, then following it, you can perfectly communicate with a girl. But even if you draw up a clearly worked out list of questions for a girl, then the chances are that everything will go wrong. The fact is that not all topics for conversation are equally interesting to girls, so what you planned to talk about may not interest a lady at all. Therefore, you do not need to spend time designing a conversation with a girl on a date. Instead of working out the scheme of a conversation, choose in advance several topics you would like to touch upon with a girl. Having prepared several topics for a conversation, you can quickly switch between them.

Things to Say to Keep a Conversation Going

1. Childhood. It's a non-binding topic, which a girl will gladly support, because she can tell about her childhood, which, undoubtedly, will be pleasant for her. After having a talk on this topic, you show a girl that she is really interesting to you.

2. Music and favorite performers. A classic conversation subject, which will help to establish contact with a girl, and make a conversation more liberated. Talking on this topic, you can better know the lady. But we must remember that, in no case can you offend the musical tastes of a girl.

3. Movies and favorite actors (actresses, directors). The theme is similar to a musical one, but instead of musicians, you will need to discuss actors, directors and films. As in the case of musical taste, do not criticize movies that a girl likes. Even if a girl really likes "Twilight", and you prefer to watch the films of Godard and Tarantino, you should not immediately condemn her for such tastes.

4. Travel. The theme of traveling will interest any girl, since every person wants to travel around the world. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to ask where a girl wants to go, and which places she has already managed to visit.

5. Hobbies and passions of a girl. Starting this topic, you will probably involve a lady in the long conversation, because everyone likes to talk about their hobbies. Try to completely immerse yourself in her interests, to better understand the lady. For example, if a lady is fond of painting, then ask if she studied it? In general, in every possible way, try to be engaged.

6. Literature. Reading is gradually becoming trendy again. Therefore, you can easily ask a girl about her favorite authors and books. Also tell her about your literary preferences. It is not necessary to delve into this topic at the first meeting, arguing about the influence of Schopenhauer on Nietzsche and Jung. You should understand that these topics will surely be boring for a girl, even if she pretends that she is extremely interested. A superficial discussion of literature will suffice.

7. Eating. Theme, thanks to which you can find out about the gastronomic preferences of a girl. Talking on this topic, try to remember what a girl tells you. Probably, you will need this information in the future.

8. Sports. If a girl is engaged in sports, then she certainly wants to tell about it. Also ask her if she likes to watch sports competitions. Perhaps she likes to watch football, and you've found a perfect girl.

9. Pets. The theme that all girls like, because most of them like different animals. Moreover, if a girl has a pet at home, she will happily talk about it. Your task is to support this conversation. Ask about the breed, age and appearance of the pet.

Questions to Keep a Conversation Going

1. First of the questions to keep a conversation going – “what were you like in childhood?” This way, you’ll learn about the nature of a girl. She will be pleased to talk about her childhood. If it seems that her childhood wasn’t that good, then it is not the best of questions to ask a girl to keep the conversation going, change the topic.

2. Where did you study? You can ask not only about the school, but also the further education of a girl.

3. How did you do in school? Most girls study well at school, so she will certainly want to show off her success.

4. Have you attended any workshops or clubs? If a girl went to a music school, tried dancing or vocals, then she will be pleased to remember those years, and she will gladly tell you about it.

5. Where did you live as a child? Ask in which city she lived before. If at a conscious age she managed to live in another place, then find out which city she likes more.

6. What kind of music do you like to listen to? The classic question is the identification of musical to keep a conversation interesting

7. Your favorite performer (band, DJ, musician)? With the help of this question, you can continue the conversation on the topic of music.

8. How do you feel about the music of other genres? If a girl can listen to pop music, and electronics, and classics, then she is a versatile person. It is worth paying attention to it.

9. Have you been at the concert of your favorite band? (Or just at a big musical event?). If a girl visited a concert of her beloved band, then she will enthusiastically share her impressions.

10. How to keep a conversation going with your girlfriend? Ask her, “What kind of films do you like”? Asking this question, you do not need to impose your opinion on a girl, telling her that her favorite movies are bad. Instead, you can suggest similar films to her. For example, if a girl says that she likes The Green Mile, advise her to watch The Schindler's List or something like that, perhaps offer to watch it together.

11. Favorite actor or actress? Also ask a girl what movie with her favorite actor she likes most.

12. What countries have you visited? If a girl visited another country, then she will be happy to share her impressions of the trip.

13. Where do you dream to go? It is a great way how to keep a conversation interesting. Almost every person dreams of visiting another country or city. Ask the lady where she would like to go. If you were lucky enough to visit the place where a girl wants to go, tell her about your impressions of the trip.

14. Last book read? If a girl mentions the work that you read, then you can discuss this book with her. Thus, you will present yourself as an intelligent person.

15. What book influenced you more than others? You need to be prepared that this question may puzzle a girl.

16. Favorite author? Having learned one or several favorite authors of a girl, you will be able to prepare something for the next date, having read one of those books.

17. What is the most unusual dish you've ever tried? With the help of this question you can start a very interesting topic. If a girl happened to try a really exotic dish, for example, snake meat, then she certainly wants to talk about such an experience.

18. What is your favorite meal? (Favorite dessert?) Remember what a girl loves most. This information can come in handy when you go to a cafe. If you choose what the girl really likes, then she surely will remember that.

19. What food or drink would you like to try?

20. Favorite TV series? Now, when foreign television channels release such a large number of truly great shows, almost everyone watches them. Therefore, you can safely ask the girl about what kind of TV series she likes.

21. Do you like sports? If a girl is engaged in it or likes to watch all sorts of competitions, then with the help of this question you can start an interesting topic. If she does not like sports, then you can safely move on to other topics.

22. Do you have a pet? If she has a pet at home, such as a cat or a dog, she will gladly tell you about them. Moreover, at the next meeting you can ask how her pet is doing?

23. What do you value in men? Ask her to answer this question sincerely, and then take notes.

24. What do you like to do in your free time? One of the most simple and basic ways to keep a conversation going. Even if on the weekend a girl likes to stay at home to watch this or that series, you do not need to condemn her for it. Perhaps, for her this is the best opportunity to rest.

If you follow the things mentioned above properly, you will eventually get a grip of how to keep a conversation going with your crush, and it is a great thing to understand.

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