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We’ve all been through that, don’t make it hard on yourself. The chances are, if you are reading this article right now, you are nervous, anxious, and you are afraid of what’s to come. But just think of everything in this world that has the word “love” in it, think of all the songs that were dedicated to it… It is a drug that has no cure, it is a feeling that we need the most in life, and you are not the only person that has felt it at one point or another. It can be very overwhelming, it can mess up your daily life, but remember that this is not the end, this is only a beginning. Today we are going to talk about the hard step of confessing your love to a woman.

how to say I love you to girl

Why sometimes it's hard to say "I love you"

It is, in fact, one of the hardest things to do in terms of relationships, and it is not all that surprising, as there are so many potential fears associated with it.

Fear of responsibility

For some people, “I love you” is not just three words, and they are not ready to promise what they are afraid to offer. The scarier the fear of responsibility is for a person, the less likely that they will ever confess their love. Yes, it is quite possible that this is love, but because of fear of corresponding obligations, a person simply cannot talk about their feelings. One can only guess why people are afraid of responsibility. When making a choice, we exclude other options, and the lack of choice also causes fear and a sense of limitation, despite the love that we have for our partners.

Fear of dependence

For some people, accepting love means accepting that they need another person. And to agree with such vulnerability in regards to another person is akin to losing control over your life.

Fear of rejection

Of course, most often we are scared to confess our love because of an extremely strong fear called the lack of reciprocity. Love is like a swing. It is easy to build communication with a person who cares more about you from the very beginning, but relationships develop only if there is a balance between what the partners give and what they receive. If you were rejected, it’s not over, don’t even think that you are done, you are not. There are so many young women seeking men to be found online if you want to find one, visit this single ladies dating site and meet the woman of your dreams.

Fear that you might be hurt

Loving someone is almost like leaving a part of the heart unprotected, and the fear of confessing love also comes from this place. Saying that your lover is your weakness is perfect for describing such a situation - however, when we open up before someone, we seem to lose one of the levels of emotional protection, and therefore it is much easier to injure us. Moreover, we experience much more pain if our feelings are hurt by those who have become our "weakness" than in the case of other people.

Lack of a role model

Maybe you did not notice the tenderness that is so often present in relationships between parents, family members or close friends? Perhaps you were rarely told that they love you? Or did you grow up in a family where exactly actions, and not just three insignificant words, were the only “currency of love”?

What does "I love you" mean in the modern world

The modern world is a very diverse place where everyone has their own opinion on reality, and most of us are quite convinced that this reality is true. We grew up around certain people, had some issues, went through some rough times, and all of these things created our perception of reality. This perception shaped the way we look at the worlds around us, the way we define even the most important things in our lives, the same goes for love. Some people are able to tell another person that they love them after the very first meeting, it is easy for them to fall in love. To others, saying these three words after a year of dating will be wrong, it’s too soon to be sure of something as love. Thus, before ever telling your partner about your feelings, you have to get a sense of where they are on this “scale”.

creative ways to say I love youWhy saying "I love you" is so important

The three words “I love you” are the most important words in a relationship of a person. You might have dated a person for a long time, you kissed, you hugged, maybe you even had sex, maybe not even once, but you never told your partner that you love them. Everyone has their own “right moment” for saying these three words, but you have to say them at one point or another. After you tell a person that you love them and get the same in return, you “officially” enter into a relationship, or, at least, move up the ladder of relationships, you make it somewhat official.

Simple steps to say "I love you" to a girl

Usually, the most frightening part of a new relationship is a declaration of love. If you really love your partner, you should talk about your feelings at the right moment. Do this even if you are scared or afraid that it is not reciprocal. If you have strong feelings for your partner, most likely, they feel the same. Be prepared a little, gain confidence in yourself - and it will be easier for you to confess your love!

Step 1: Think about your feelings

Are you trying to impress her? If you like a girl, you will do everything possible to make her pay attention to you. Perhaps you are trying to impress her by committing risky acts or helping others. Or maybe you are trying to impress her with your abilities and talents, for example, playing musical instruments or trying to do your best in sports.

Do you think about her constantly? If you love a person, you constantly think about them. Do you notice that during the day your thoughts continually return to her? Do you want to know if she thinks of you too? If your thoughts are only about her alone, then most likely you love this girl.

Do your feelings for this girl make you feel better? If you are in love, you will struggle to become a person who is worthy of this girl. You may be trying to improve your grades or behavior, start working, or attend church. If you do everything possible to become better for the sake of this extraordinary girl, then most likely you are in love with her.

Prepare yourself emotionally to get rejected. Unfortunately, you cannot control the reaction of your partner. Of course, you want to hear: “I love you too,” however there is no guarantee that this will happen. If you have a true love for your partner, you must confess this love to them, no matter the way they can respond ... Even if your partner did not say “I love you” in response, this does not mean that they do not feel strong affection for you. Perhaps they just need some time to sort things out and think about their feelings.

Step 2: Preparing

Choose a secluded place to make the moment special and intimate. Do not make loud confessions in front of a large crowd of people. This can lead to pressure from the outside, thereby confusing the feelings of a partner. Choose a romantic, intimate moment to confess your feelings to your loved one. This can be done at a pleasant dinner, or when you spend time at home.

For example, you can comfortably sit on the couch together and look the partner in the eye before telling about your feelings. Despite the fact that wine can give romance and create a mood, do not confess love while intoxicated. This is just ain’t right, you have to be sober.

Step 3: Say IT!

Confess your feelings, being face to face with a partner. The moment of declaration of love is an important transitional stage in your relationship since you are officially committed to each other. Therefore, you will want to clearly see the facial expression of a person and their reaction when you are going to tell them about your feelings. If you have the opportunity to say everything in person, do it. Otherwise, try a video call.

Do not confess your love by phone or via a text message. Indirect forms of communication will not allow you to consider the emotions of a partner. Now let’s look into some creative and sweet ways to say I love you.

Creative ways to say "I love you"

Many beautiful words have been written and said about this beautiful, gentle and, at the same time, dynamic feeling. But the most important thing is to prove your love, not talk about it. You can confess your feelings to a person, and the next day, offend a loved one with a stupid joke. Therefore, one of the main rules to tell a person about your feelings is the awareness of the importance of love: do not confuse love and sympathy. The first implies a mood for a serious relationship: the cherished “love” cannot be born at the first meeting, it has to develop, it has to manifest itself over some period of time, and “sympathy is a fleeing feeling”.

If the decision to admit your feelings is final and irrevocable, do not hesitate and be afraid, start acting. For most people, it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you do it, and whether or not you are sincere about it. It is also important to guess the type of your soul mate in regards to publicity, there are those who need to brag to their friends about what they’ve just heard, and others will never do that, they will not be able to react to something like that in the company of other people. In any case, keep yourself confident and don’t expect anything for granted. Here are some ways to say I love you to a girl.

1. A literary option

How to say I love you to a girl? Why not write a letter to your girlfriend? By hand, in neat handwriting, starting with some funny memories of your pastime or an ode about her best qualities. This is important! Do not talk too much about her appearance - you may be misunderstood. In an envelope with a letter, you can put a dried flower or some trinket (a hairpin, a pendant, or anything small that will fit in there). Send it by mail or throw it in the mailbox yourself and wait for the reaction. The disadvantage of this option is the minimal chance of getting a day-to-day response. A plus is the availability of time for the selection of words and thinking about feelings. And most importantly - a love letter will surely appeal to fans of classical literature.

sweet ways to say I love you2. A universal option

How to get a girl to say I love you? When declaring love in words, choosing the right time and place for this, there is no reason to rush it, think about a good place and time for it. The difficulty lies in the need to clearly predict the moment when the words will be taken seriously, you cannot start a conversation like that after a heated argument or after a stressful day, you cannot approach it with anger or stress in mind, but with trepidation and tenderness. You can reserve a table in a cafe and start a conversation about something interesting for both of you, and then, having adjusted your mood, for example, with the words “I need to tell you something”, then say I love you. In general, there are lots of I love you quotes you can use, don’t be afraid to do some research.

3. An extreme option

How do you say I love you to a girl? To jump with a partner with a parachute, ride on a Ferris wheel together or do something that has long been dreamed of – this is an ideal option to tell about your love with almost no words, but rather with actions.

4. A creative option

How to say I love you to a girl? If you can sing or play an instrument, record a song about your love. If you are good at editing videos, present her with a video that will show the best of your moments, your creativity is the limit here. You can also draw a portrait or simply write “I love you” in chalk under the windows of her house.

5. An intelligent option

How to say I love you a different way to a girl? This method is suitable for those who love outdoor activities. To implement this option, you need to develop tasks and choose a quest route, where either “I am waiting for you in our place” a note will be at the finish line, where you will direct her to another place, where she will be greeted with some sort of a gift, some manifestation of your love, whether it is a sign or anything you can come up with.

There are lots of other ways to say I love you to a girl, the only limitation is your own creativity and imagination. If you are not satisfied and you cannot seem to come up with anything good, there are lots of creative ways to say I love you to be found online.

Common mistakes

Now that you know different ways to say I love you, you know how to confess your love to a girl, let’s talk about how to not confess your love to a woman, what are the most common mistakes when it comes to this issue?


Try not to say the phrase “I love you” in the early stages of a relationship. Usually, feelings should be recognized when you spend enough time together to get to know the person well. The amount of time depends on your specific relationship. In general, you should not talk about love until you are convinced of the authenticity and sincerity of your feelings. Of course, this is great if you have strong feelings for your partner after a few dates, but try not to tell them about your love until you are completely sure of it. Thus, your attraction will not seem desperate or intrusive.


Be patient. Do not throw it all out there at the next meeting. If you love her, and she loves you, then you still have a lot of time to confess your feelings, and then do it again, and again! Of course, feeling the urgent need to share your emotions is normal. However, it would be nice to be tactful and wait for a moment that will remain in memory.

We hope that the information above will help you out in the future and it will be easier for you to confess your love to a person you feel strong feelings for. You now know the importance of these three words, when is the right time to confess them, and how to make your confession more original.

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