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Everyone wants to have a sexy girlfriend. It is no wonder that you have chosen a Russian woman. She is scorching hot! Nevertheless, some Russian girls look even better than you can imagine. It does not mean that they become arrogant or overestimate themselves; however, these girls highly value themselves – because they actually can. We are not saying that you are not handsome and sexy. Obviously, women find you quite attractive (as well, it is easier for men to be attractive – they do not have to work so much on themselves to be good-looking) and want to have relationships with you. Still, when it comes to dating a hot girl (or the girl who is hotter than you are) some basic rules have to be taken into account. Let’s have a trip into the world of hot Russian chicks and figure out how to date them.

  1. The intellectual matter. On one hand, beautiful women are stereotypically treated as stupid girls. We cannot agree with that, especially when it comes to Russian women. They are educated and smart. Living in the Russian Federation is rather a complicated assignment, which is why they should be clever and canny. Therefore, if you date a hot chick, you should better focus your attention on her intelligence. She knows perfectly that she is stunning and attractive. She has heard it thousand times before. Such girls are not always taken seriously. You should speak with her about literature, science, history, and any other topic that demands intellectual efforts. She will be truly pleased with such approach.

  2. What a girl wants. On the other hand, you should be intelligent as well. She needs something to stick to in your personality, something special to hook her up. Women often say that the brain is men’s sexiest organ. Russian girls agree with that. As well, an intelligence is a sign of potential success in running a business and the relationships. Any woman would love to be a woman of a successful man. It has nothing to do with financial prosperity. We have already mentioned that a Russian girl is smart enough to provide herself. Nevertheless, a successful man has a strong personality – and she knows that. Such man can become a devoted father for her children and a great husband for her. That is why she highly estimates intelligence.

  3. Do not lie. If you do not have a strong character or outrageous temper, remember that there is no need imitate it. Girls are more sensitive to lies and simulations than men are. That is why you should never cheat her (and, oh Lord, never cheat on her!). Talking about cheating. If you are not ready to start monogamous relationships – you should better inform her in the very beginning of your love story. But anyways, do you need anyone else if a hot Russian woman wants to date you?

  4. Romance wanted. Now that you know her intellectual hunger, we should explain this frequently made mistake. Men think that if a girl is beautiful and sexy, she must have had enough attention and romance in her life and know does not need it. Oh, how wrong they are! It does not matter how great she looks. A woman is always a woman, and she needs some romantic moments in her life. Even if you are lucky to be with her for more than a year, do not stop surprising her with cute presents. You do not have to be inventive. A small bouquet of crimson roses presented without any reason is enough for her to feel happy. As well, do not forget to go on a date sometimes. When couples start to date/ live together, they often forget about evening strolls or a candlelit dinner at least once a month. Be careful with sex. This should be obvious, but it is not always. You have an extremely attractive girlfriend, it is not a crazy concept that you will want to have sex with her. Do not push it too hard. Or else she will keep turning you down and you will break up in the end.

  5. Be relaxed and humorous. Girls love to be entertained. Russian girls are just the same, and sometimes they see your humor as one of the most attractive features. Even if your appearance is not perfect, your beautiful mind and witty remarks can get her excited. Likewise, your jokes and funny stories can help you feel relaxed together. You might not believe but beautiful and sexy girls are usually not presumptuous at all. They are fragile and vulnerable on the inside. You need to demonstrate your relaxed state and therefore, comfort her. Act normally and never show that she is TOO beautiful. If you over-compliment her, it is going to lose its effect quickly. It will get boring sooner than you think, and you will not seem charming, you will be repetitive and assertive.
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