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The Meaning Behind French Kiss

What is a French kiss? How different is it from a standard kiss? Is there any rhyme or reason to French kissing? Well, let me tell you a thing or two about it. You can kiss each other just with your lips and that won't mean nothing. A simple kiss means that you have some kind of affection for each other, which may lead nowhere. Actually, it may just stay this way forever. You may kiss your friend with just your lips and it won't mean anything. But when you have a real affection for someone, you kiss this person in a different way. That way is sometimes called a deep kiss, but it's widely known as a French kiss.

what is a french kiss

A French kiss is an amorous kiss that involves not only lips, but your and your partner's tongues. You stimulate each other’s tongues, lips and mouths when you engage in a French kiss. And the fact that this kiss is considered intimate, sexual, romantic, and erotic is not some French nonsense, as some people may think. First of all, your mouth is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of your body, and it is scientifically proven that tongue touching stimulates endorphins release. Moreover, a French kiss also reduces stress. So, there is no surprise that lovers all around the world engage in French kissing when they want to manifest their love for their partners.

Brief Etymology

By the way, speaking about French nonsense, it is known as a French kiss everywhere but France. In France it is known as un baiser amoureux, which can be translated as “lover's kiss”. Before that, it was known as un baiser Florentin – Florentine kiss, so probably it should be called the Italian kiss, but who cares...

How to French Kiss?

So, a passionate French kiss is not only a tool to manifest love, but also a means of reducing stress. If previously you weren't thinking much about it, you start liking it more and more. It may sound funny, but French kiss is not that easy as it seems to be. If you want to manifest your love properly, without making your partner think that you are a creep, you need to know how to do a French kiss. I can help you with that! Check out my tips for a French kiss, and you will know how to do it in a proper way.

1. Use More Than Just Mouth

One of the simplest French kiss techniques is to keep it passionate, still lots of people forget about it. When you're French kissing you use your whole body. You can touch or rub your partner, while kissing. If you want to know how to French kiss a girl in proper way, you should put a strong hand on the back of her head and kiss her like you mean it.

2. Mind Your Eyes

I don't know why it's so hard to remember, but a lot of people tend to forget that your eyes should be closed when you're French kissing. There are two major reasons for that. First of all, it is a common belief that people who truly love each other, never open their eyes when engaged in a kiss. If you kiss with open eyes, it may be considered that you don't trust your partner. The second reason is an aesthetic one. Unfortunately, you can't avoid a creepy look when you French kiss with open eyes. So, eyes should be shut wide when you kiss.

best way to french kiss​3. Oral Hygiene

If you want to know how to practice French kiss, you must remember about the oral hygiene. You are getting very close when you are French kissing, thus you need to keep your mouth in a good state. So, you need to keep good oral health. Apart from reducing the risk of appearing somewhere with your breath not fresh, your partner would enjoy your kiss much more. Don't forget about your general hygiene and health, as certain diseases like Syphilis and, sometimes, Hepatitis B can be transmitted vie prolonged French kiss. Actually, you don't need me to tell you what Wikipedia already knows, but I decided to tell you anyway, in case you are too lazy for that.

4. Introduce Your Tongue Slowly

If you don't want your partner to think that you are trying to lick his or her tonsils, you should introduce your tongue slowly. You need to know how to French kiss, even when you do it for the first time, as not everyone can take it with a great sense of humor. Don't go thrusting your tongue inside your partner's mouth if you don't want to ruin the romantic and passionate atmosphere. Listen to yourself, and you will do it in the best way. As you can see, pretty much everything where physical and emotional connection comes together can prove as difficult as anal sex.

5. Don't Touch the Teeth

The best way to French kiss is to avoid touching your partner's teeth. It is important for those who haven't tried French kissing before. I remember reading one book, guess it was by Paulo Coelho, where a girl saw French kissing only on the silver screen and thought that this kind of kiss was all about licking your partner's teeth. I guess it would be pointless to tell you that her first deep kiss ended up in being nothing, but shame that had haunted her for several years before she learned how to French kiss well.

When to Star French Kissing

If you have thought that my how-to-French-kiss-step-by-step guide would end at tongue thrusting and oral hygiene, you were absolutely wrong. As I've clarified, French kissing can be as difficult as anal sex, thus we are not through the rules yet. You need to know when to start deep kissing. Not that you are going to be accused of trying to assault someone, but your partner may feel uncomfortable when you start French kissing him or her without warning. So, let me tell you, when to French kiss.

1. When You're Into Each Other

Wait, what? Of course, you think that your partner is definitely into you, but it's really something that you should check. Other kinds of kisses are allowed, but French kissing is possible only when you are sure that you are both into each other. Basically, French kissing is not something that you should do on your first date, even if you think that your abilities in that kind of kiss is the only reasons your prospective partner may fall for you.

2. When You Are Both Into It

Even when you are in an established relationship, you need to make sure that you are both into French kissing before proceeding with it. Once again, it goes just like with sex. You should do it when you are both into it. You partner may feel uncomfortable with French kissing at a certain moment, and instead of passionate tongue touching, you are going to get nothing but a scandal. When you are in a relationship for quite a long time, it is easy to figure out when it's an appropriate time to engage in a French kiss. If not, then “Why on earth you are in a relationship?” would be a proper question.

3. It's An Indicator of Your Chemistry

A lot of people consider French kissing to be an indicator of sexual and romantic chemistry between partners. I'm not telling you this to force you into believing it. I'm just saying that you shouldn't avoid French kissing, as you partner may start thinking that your romantic chemistry is getting weaker or that you're having some sugar on the side. So, if you want to avoid uncomfortable conversations, better French kiss your partner whenever you feel it's the right time.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of French Kissing

In the beginning of this article, I gave you a few advantages of French kissing. Now, it's time to have a more detailed look at what's so good about a French kiss. I would also tell you about the drawbacks of this kind of kiss, but a little bit later.

The Advantages

1. French Kiss Increases Intimacy

Considering the fact that a French kiss is a manifestation of love and passion, which triggers the endorphins release, it makes no surprise that it increases intimacy between the two of you. But that doesn't mean that you should stick with that. A passionate kiss on the neck can bring the same level of intimacy.

french kiss techniques2. It Leads to More

If you move your body in a suggestive way while French kissing, it can easily lead to passionate sex. French kissing can easily become part of foreplay, but be careful with it. Sometimes you just want that tongue touching, so try to separate when it's foreplay and when it's just a French kiss. Otherwise, your deep kissing will always lead to having sex.

3. French Kissing Improves Your Mood

Don't want to get depressed during your working hours? Have a nice French kiss with your partner in the morning. Unlike regular kiss, a French kiss activates more nerve endings and muscles. This triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin – hormones of happiness and pleasure. Thus, the more you French kiss, the happier you are.

The Drawbacks

1. Physical Evidence

Sorry ladies, this piece of advice goes to men. Gentlemen, when you are in for French kissing, you need to mind your facial hair. When you are kissing a girl, make sure that you are clean-shaven. Otherwise it would leave you or your partner with a physical evidence of your French kiss, which manifests in a rash.

2. Excessive Saliva

You don't want your French kiss to get gross, so, mind the level of saliva. I understand what you are going to say. I also often think like, gee, it's already tongue touching, how it can get more gross? But, believe it or not, that fusion of love, lust and romance is easily destroyed when it starts slipping out on you or fills your mouth. So, mind your saliva when you are French kissing.

French Conclusion

Un baiser amoureux est important, mais... oh, pardon me. As you can see, a French kiss is quite important for your romance, as well as for your mood. The tips that I've given you above may help you have the best experience while French kissing, without grossing out your partner or leaving him or her with stubble rash. You shouldn't follow my tips blindly, and use your imagination from time to time. You partner would definitely appreciate it if you get a little bit creative while French kissing. Hope my article was useful for you. Enjoy your French kissing.

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