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Well, you’ve finally met someone who makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. This is HUGE. Now, you should consider a key thing to step forward and take your relationships to the next level. The only thing, which takes any relationships to the next level naturally, is a kiss. Of course, there is a great number of other things you can offer to a Ukrainian girl to take your relationship to the next level, like giving keys from your apartment, making a proposal, etc. However, the kiss is the only thing here, which works 100% intuitively. Therefore, if you do feel that you want to kiss your girl more than anything in the world, do it!

Kisses that Russian Girls Like

This actually brings us to another interesting issue!

Who should kiss whom first? I believe, there is no difference about who kisses whom first. We are speaking about love and feelings! This is something beyond our control. Don’t you think so? Anyway, I believe, making guys experience fear about doing everything first is not fair, especially in the 21 century. The thing is that it is much more reasonable to let things go their own way and listen to your heart. If kissing a Russian girl is what want to do, then do it. The same is about your girl if her emotions dictate her body (her lips in particular) to kiss you, let her do it. This also may serve you as an answer to how to get a girl to kiss you – simply bring her emotions to a required level.

Another important thing to remember when kissing a Russian woman is –slow down. I don’t mean the very kiss itself, what I mean is to avoid leaving or saying goodbye right after the kiss. You don’t want to leave both of you shocked after you kiss a Russian woman, don’t you?

Keep in mind that the first kiss for a newly made couple is a magical and intimate moment. Of course, it is not obligatory to choose a romantic place for it to happen or plan everything in advance. I believe everything should go naturally here. However, it will be also a bad idea to do it in a company of friends or relatives (note that I don’t say you should not kiss a Russian girl in public – this it completely fine! You don’t know that people around you. They don’t really care about what you do.)

I don’t mention the technic here. Obviously, everyone has its own technic and it is difficult to advise anything on that matter. However, we may go through some funny technical things to remember and to avoid.


  • Russian girls dating may seem really freezing, especially if things happen in Russia and in winter. Therefore, it will be useful and reasonable for a man to us a lip balm. It will keep your lips in a proper condition for kissing. How to kiss a girl if your lips are wind-burned?!
  • Keep yourself healthy and start healthy habits. How to kiss someone who has a bad breath? Brush both your teeth and your tongue on a daily basis. Your mouth is a perfect place for bacteria to grow unless you keep it clean.
  • Another tip for guys interested in Russian women dating is to have a chewing gum or mints. They will make your kiss even more fresh and pleasant. Besides, it may help both of you feel more confident.
  • Don’t feel awkward about making pauses while kissing. It feels even greater when you put a few sweet words in the process.


  • Don’t keep your mouth full when kissing, even if it is fll of chewing gum. It is not ethical. Not to mention that it can spoil the moment, especially if it appears that your gum jumps into her mouth when you date a Russian girl.
  • If you date a Russian woman and experience some issues with breathing while kissing. I know how to solve your problem exactly. Simply breathe slowly through your nose in the process. If this does not help try making you kiss shorter but more frequent.

Have a great kiss!

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