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Sex is an integral part of all adult people. During the moments of physical intimacy, a lot of biochemical processes get activated, which results in the palette of sensations. Of course, sex has its basic function – that of conception and procreation. But for centuries, people have been doing it for pleasure in the first place. In terms of male physiology, a sexual act for them is a physical activity that brings enormous satisfaction. Everything is much more complicated with women. For them, sex is a special process, the fusion of bodies and souls.

The sensations women experience during sex are qualitatively different from those experienced by men. The way a woman feels during a sex act is characterized by diversity, in comparison with men. A woman is unpredictable in this case. All men in the world would like to know how women feel during sex and orgasm. I’ll try to give an honest insight into female intimacy and the answer to the question, “What does it feel like for a woman to have sex?”

how to make sex feel better

The Insight into What It Feels Like for Women to Have Sex: Peculiarities and Common Misinterpretations

Many men tend to think that sex is a tool of manipulation in women’s hands. They use it supposedly to manipulate their relationship partners. Even if you think that these are the thoughts of the men with a hurt pride, there is a grain of truth. For example, he takes her to the expensive restaurants and sets up romantic dates for two months, but she doesn’t show even a sign of the sexual desire. Or another example: a woman rejects to have sex with her husband until he buys her a fur coat.

The excuses women come up with to avoid sex are just numerous and already stereotypical, such as a headache or tiredness. All this may suggest that women try to gain time and delay the moment of intimacy by all means, and that their sex drive approaches zero. The belief that women use sex for manipulation is one of the many myths about female sexuality that are being spread around. Here are the most popular of them.

Myth #1. Men have a physiological need for sex, women can do without it.

It’s only partially true. Yes, men need sex more often. Their sexual excitability increases proportionally to the accumulation of sperm. It makes them seek intimacy to discharge. Women’s sex drive depends on their hormonal background and a particular phase of the menstrual cycle. Women’s sexual desire is mainly determined by her emotional state.

Myth #2. Women don’t need sex, they agree to intimacy only to express “gratitude” for man’s attention.

This is a total misconception. People who don’t have any psychological and sexological problems won’t reject having sex without any reason. Sexuality is an integral part of human psychics, and sex is an important part of interpersonal relations between a man and a woman.

Myth #3. A woman can live with a man and have a sex-free relationship.

It’s wrong. The absence of sexual intimacy is a serious problem. And it’s important to establish the cause. Sex has many functions: pleasure, communication, self-affirmation, procreation, romance at last. Most importantly, sex is an expression of love. Feeling desired is essential for a woman, for her emotional state, for her confidence. If a woman deprives herself of sex, she’ll subconsciously feel useless no matter how successful she is in her professional or social life. It negatively affects her self-appraisal or even causes depression, the feeling of loneliness, and many other negative emotions.

what does it feel like for a woman to have sex Myth #4. Regular sex is important for men’s health, not for women’s.

The truth is that quality sex is extremely important for maintaining women’s health. Sex and its culmination – orgasm – prevent many gynecological problems. The absence of sex life has a negative impact on the general well-being of a woman and her emotional state.

Myth #5. Mature women are more passionate in bed.

It is true. Women’s sexual desire intensifies with age. It reaches its peak at the age of 30-35, and it can become intense during the period of menopause. The saying “life starts only after 45” is not groundless.

What Does Sex Feel Like for a Woman?

Now, let’s get to the physical sensations. Female’s body goes through more stages than male’s during one sexual act. This is, obviously, because men and women have different genital organs. How does everything work?

During the phase of excitation, the rush of blood to vulva causes the labia majora to straighten, and labia minora to increase in size changing from a pale-rose color to a dark-red color. The clitoris increases in size too and becomes stiff in most women. In 10-15 seconds after the beginning of sexual excitation, a natural lubricant exudes making the vagina wet to provide a better penetration. The vagina, especially its inner part, becomes elongated and widens. If a man starts penetration and friction at this stage, he may feel as if his penis “lost” in the vagina having nothing to cling to.

It only means that the woman is under-excited. If caresses and friction continue, the venous blood overfills the outer part of vagina and the orgasmic cuff forms (the process that resembles male erection). The cuff will tightly grip the penis and the actual sex act will begin for a woman.

Ideally, every intercourse must end with an orgasm. However, not always (and not all) women are blessed with it. According to the statistics, around 15% of women are frigid and never experience an orgasm.

In some cases, sexopathologists consider frigidity to be a sexual disorder, and in other cases – just a simple sexual coldness if there are no psychological and physiological deviations in a woman’s health. In both types of frigidity, women don’t have the inner sex drive. They make love with their spouses just out of conjugal obligation or in order not to disappoint their men. Consequently, they have to fake orgasms.

At the same time, it’s possible to understand whether the woman had an orgasm or just faked it. Some women have the so-called “sexual rash”. It appears on the chest and gradually vanishes. Not all women have this rash, but there is a universal indicator of orgasm – the erected nipples.

Does sex feel better for a man or woman? It’s difficult to answer. But the fact that a woman can have multiple orgasms during one intercourse proves that women are at an advantage. They also have different types of orgasm. They can be different depending on the part of vulva where orgasm takes place (clitoral, vaginal, cervical, combined), and its nature (one-time, wave-like, multiple, protracted). A combined or blended orgasm can simultaneously comprise all parts of genitals or unfold gradually, moving from one part to another. Usually, it begins in the clitoris zone or in the vagina.

how to make sex feel betterA one-time orgasm is a pulsating orgasm with one peak moment similar to that experienced by men, but more lasting. It’s a rhythmical contraction of the muscles of vagina, uterus, pelvic floor, perineum, diaphragm, and even belly. Many women say that an orgasm starts with a momentary delay of mental processes, the feeling of weightlessness that ends with the impulse in the clitoris that irradiates to the pelvis and the feeling of warmth that fills the body. Then, the vaginal and pelvic muscles begin to contract involuntarily. The whole body is as if pulsating. All this is accompanied by the incredible feeling of ecstasy and unreal voluptuousness. The respiratory rate goes up to 40 breaths per minute, blood pressure can reach the level of 200, and pulse – 140-170 beats per minute.

The number of orgasm impulses can be different: from 3-4 to 12-15. Then the phase of relaxation occurs. But unlike men’s sexual act, it’s not associated with depression. Woman’s body relaxes, blood flows away from the genitals, pulse and blood pressure normalize. Sexual arousal gradually subsides to the normal level. Usually, it takes about 10-20 minutes.

How should sex feel for a woman? Although the article is aimed at revealing the physical side of intercourse, it’s impossible to skip the emotional aspect of it because women never separate them. Woman’s feelings for her intimate partner significantly influence the outcome of intercourse. If she trusts her partner, if she’s in love, it will be easier for her to relax and to give and receive pleasure. Also, the behavior of her man matters a lot. He should be a leader, he should predict her desires, be passionate, and focused on her.

How does sex feel for a woman? Hope you already know the basics of traditional vaginal sex. But what about other forms of sex that are also practiced? Many men would like to try all of them, but not always their sexual partners are ready for the experiments such as anal or oral sex. Many women are afraid to have anal sex because they know it can be painful. What does anal sex feel like for a woman? Is it that painful? It can be satisfying if done properly.

Lubrication, clitoris stimulation, and the spooning position are the main rules. Does anal sex feel good for a woman? For some women, anal penetration works better and feels much more intense and amazing than the vaginal one, as there are many nerve endings.

What does oral sex feel like for a woman? Another question to be answered. Since oral stimulation of clitoris most often results in orgasm, cunnilingus is what women like, but not all of men are skillful at it.

Tips to Make Sex Feel Better for a Woman

Satisfying sex is possible only if partners are ready to receive pleasure and to help their lovers achieve it. It’s harder to please a woman in bed since she craves not only for the process itself. She wants everything at once – caresses, tenderness, love, divine sensations, the fusion of bodies and souls. You want to please her, so you need to know how to make sex feel better for a woman.

how to make sex feel better for a girl Create a favorable environment. The warm-up period in women is longer than in men. They need special conditions to become sexually aroused. So, your task is to eliminate all distractions (work, stress, children), boost her confidence, turn her on, take care of a romantic environment. Remember: sex starts for her long before you find yourselves in bed.

Know what works better for her. If you want to make sex feel better, you should know about her preferences. Have a talk to find out how to make sex feel better for her. Ask about her erogenous zones, her dirty dreams, preferable positions.

Make sure she is ready for experiments. If you want to try anal sex, and she doesn’t mind it in general but is afraid to, wait until she is ready. Don’t do it as if accidentally without warning. Would a curved penis feel better to a woman for sex? – guys with one often ask. Definitely. During erection, even a straight penis slightly bends, which is perfect for certain positions. If you want to try anal sex, you need to know how to make anal sex feel better. Remember it’s inconceivable without a lubricant and clitoral stimulation.

Say something. If you wonder how to make sex feel better for a girl, add a bit of communication. Women like when men whisper something in the ear during intercourse. Eye contact is also important, no matter how weird you look. It’s better to avoid rude sex talk, not every girl will like it. Instead, whisper pleasantries or just moan.

Show your post-intercourse tenderness. You already know that for women, a sexual act doesn’t finish right after the orgasm. They need post-sex kisses and hugs to feel loved.

Basically, these are the main tips that will help you make sex feel for woman better.

Now that you’ve learned about the physical aspect of sex in women’s perception, you can apply this knowledge in your sex life and please your woman without asking her how to make sex feel better.

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