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Oh boy, these ladies over 20 can attract a twenty-year-old lad and a seventy-year-old man equally. As the statistics has it, men who tie the knot for the second time usually prefer their partner to be ten years younger. About 20 percent of men prefer women who are 20 years younger than them. It is a well-known fact that women are attracted to older men and that there is some sort of a standard when a man is four or five years older than a woman. Quite an interesting fact when it comes to Russian girls dating, is it not?

According to the statistical survey and personal observations, there are plenty of men who want to meet ONLY women of a much younger age. While the young women, in their turn, want to make romances with guys who are older than them.

It is worth mentioning that public opinion can influence women greatly. Therefore, it is essential to put the benefits of statistics to good use. But first, let us go through the main types of 20-year-old girls.

What Are The Main Peculiarities Of 20-Something Girls?

According to our calculations, women can be divided into three categories, based on their attitude to the issue we are considering:

  1.    "This is quite normal" (about 25%);
  2.    "Although it feels like a taboo, I find it very intriguing" (about 25%);
  3.    "This is bad!" (about 50%).

1) Those who do not care about stereotypes and standards, unbiased sexy young girls who want to act the way they like

Russian girls will respect and admire you for your experience and will always feel positive near you, seek your approval and advice. Being next to a mature and sophisticated man who knows how to make her feel good about herself is sufficient for this type of Russian ladies. Such young pretty girls are often come from strict religious families. Having flown the nest, these girls are just enjoying their independence. And when the innocence of those daring girls in their 20s meets the rioting attitude, you are to have lots of fun with them.

2) Attractive and overconcerned with what others think of them

These beauties are in high demand; guys revolve around them like planets around the sun. Such girls are easy to notice once you meet them – her age is from 20 to 24 years, and she is conveniently a model, an actress, a ballerina, etc. These girls are likely to be party-goers and are fond of going out. They also like to be near a mature man, yet in addition to the aforementioned qualities, such kind is also attracted to wealth. One has to be careful here for the experience of dealing with such girls in their 20s can go from one extreme to another – today she is the happiest person alive, tomorrow she can be colder than an iceberg.

3) Not the prettiest but a cute smart girl

Perhaps she is not as stunning, but at least this type can truly appreciate the company of a real man near her. Most of these women question the intellectual capabilities of their peers and offer a great load of topics to actually discuss. Don’t forget, it is the young girls we are talking about. Finding common areas of interest can be a struggle with the previous two types. These, however, are just fascinated with men who can control their actions, who knows how to truly please a lady and how to do it well. If appearance is not paramount for you, then this is an ideal option.

And that will be it. These are the ones you need to pay attention to in the first place.


How To Attract A 20-Year-Old-Girl?

So, now you know that you need and you raise a question: “How do I win them?” – and your humble author is ready to offer you some proven tips on how to act properly dating a young girl. Please, also take into account the importance of respect and somewhat indulgent attitude towards these not fully formed personalities. So, here are the recommendations:

  1. Be cool-headed. Do not use "caterwaul" with her.
  2. Do not act as if she is your younger sister.
  3. Be the undisputed leader in your communication.
  4. Do not try to use deceit or be cunning – girls over 20’s can tolerate that, the younger ones – can’t.
  5. Do not try to dive into her life too quickly but show some interest if she wants you to.
  6. Do not stalk or push on her when it is difficult for her to meet. She is still under her parents’ control, you know.
  7. It is inevitable that her personality will undergo changes in the nearest future. Use it to your advantage and help her out with that.
  8. Treat her with all gallantry and tenderness you can.
  9. Stay calm when you face her problems. Offer her help if she needs it.

What Russian 20-Something Girls Seek In Men?

If you are far over twenty and you have a crush on a young 22-year-old girl who has recently graduated from high school and is studying at the college, you may wonder how to woo her. Let's assume that she is an ordinary girl with a casual life attitude and now she just enjoys her new free and independent life. What do you think can win her heart? You would probably think that you’ve got some advantage over the male friends of her age. And you would be absolutely right. Your social status, your career, your priorities, and confidence are ought to be your trump card. They don’t dream about dating in 20s with silly boys. They also seek such qualities as leadership, security, self-control, and many others. Often, men need DECADES to grow qualities that can attract older women. Yet among young ones, these qualities are in a high demand.

All these points and tips should help you build a relationship you need. In fact, in order to indulge in dating young girls, you should rely on the same principles as with your peers. It is even easier. Remember yourself dating in your 20s and avoid making the mistakes of the past. The main thing is that you understand what attracts women. But now that you have read this article, this understanding will come naturally for you!

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