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If a woman likes a man, she will show it in every way without even noticing it. And all her intentions will be shown by body language. To understand how a woman treats you, you need to pay attention to her gestures. Unlike men, who often show their interest with no more than 10-15 signs, girls have up to 50 different gestures, which they use during flirting with the opposite sex. Needless to say, if you want to know whether you are interesting to a woman, you should focus on the nonverbal signals she sends you. No lady will really tell you what she wants from you! Just try to notice them.

how to use body language to flirt

The psychological nature of body language

What percentage of communication is made up of body language? Studies of psychologists show that from 60% to 80% of communication is expressed by nonverbal means, and the remaining small part is transmitted through verbal ways. These research data of body language psychology should make you think about the importance of gestures, facial expressions or intonation during communication. Words, influencing our consciousness, give not only the reliable information but also can deceive and mislead. Gestures, facial expressions, positions, eye movement can’t lie, as they are directly affected by the subconsciousness of an interlocutor.

Psychology of body language shows that women are usually more sensitive to body language than men, and this explains the existence of such a thing as female intuition. That’s why very few men manage to deceive their women, while women are able to delude any man so that he may never guess about it. So, this nonverbal communication channel is more important for discussing interpersonal relationships, and most often successfully replaces words. Women have an innate high sensitivity to hidden subtext, the ability to decipher nonverbal signal and everything that accompanies words. If you make a mistake in communication, it will significantly reduce your attractiveness and may cause a girl to lose interest in you as in a man. Therefore, the main advice to men is to learn body language, to speak directly to the female subconscious, to read what she is trying to hide.

It is useful to learn how to use positive open gestures for successful communication. Those men, who make many hints, attract women more often. So, if you know which signals work on women and how to skillfully apply them, this will greatly enhance your sex appeal. The success of a man depends on his ability to send sexual signals, which are so attractive.

Body language of women: what you need to know

What does body language mean? Every woman frankly flirted at least once in her life. Every time a woman sees a man she likes, she tries to show her liking in every possible way. It can be a smile or pleasant words. But the most interesting thing that a woman shows is gestures. So, here they are:

She touches her hair

Forty years of constant research in the field of verbal and nonverbal signals have successfully proved that touching hair during a meeting is the sign by which it can be determined that a girl likes you! Girl’s hair is like the tail of cats – the indicator of emotions.

She licks her lips

A girl shows this way that she is extremely interested in you. Or maybe she just wants to kiss. But if a girl does it really often, perhaps this is just a bad habit. In this case, you have to know 100% what body language means.

how to use body language to flirtShe shows her tongue, smiles, giggles or laughs at you

When one person teases the other, it is always a test of the reaction. Most often, it is absolutely unconscious. A girl wants to provoke you to a reaction in such a cunning way. Or maybe she just doesn’t know how to show her interest. Perhaps this is exactly what she wants to do.

She moves closer to you

We all have a personal space in which not everyone wants to let other people in. A simple physical approach to another person shows how close we are ready to let him or her in and how much we like this person. Physical proximity increases the attraction between two people. When a woman deliberately moves closer to you, it means that she likes you and she tries to make you feel the same. Let her take this step if your feelings are mutual. However, if she doesn’t like such intrusion into her personal space, this can be an alarming indicator. Maybe she doesn’t even like you at all. If a girl moves away from you when you approach her, most likely, you are reading her body language wrong.

She actively shares information with you

You gave her a lot of information and she did the same or even more. If it is so, then everything goes according to plan! She is positive about you. If a girl likes a man, she always shares with him something, albeit not too deep but personal. Girls like to talk about themselves much more than men do. If she doesn’t like you, she will be terribly restrained. All these “Uh-huh!”, “Cool”, “Great” are indicators that she doesn’t like you. Sometimes you approach a girl in different ways, touch her and smile, but everything is useless. Dry answers, the absence of smiles, etc. – all this makes it clear that you are not welcome here. But her smile, laughter, active participation in a conversation are the indicators that she feels at ease and comfortable with you.

She is open

If a girl seems restrained, puts some object between you, sits half-turned or crosses her arms on the chest, then everything is bad. In turn, the open position, the turning head and the whole body in your direction hint that she is happy with you and the communication with you.

She simulates your gestures

When we repeat someone’s movements and words, this is a sign of great sympathy. Women often do this when they want something from men. For example, you touch your face and she touches her face. It creates a feeling of kinship. She mirrors your gestures and therefore she seems very close to you. This is what body language means.

How to use body language to your advantage

It is not an easy task to interest a lady you like. And what if you try to do it in silence? It turns out that passivity can sometimes be right for you. So, how to use body language effectively? A nonverbal way to please a girl is one of the most difficult and, at the same time, exciting. How can you attract the attention of a beauty without opening your mouth? Well, it is only necessary to comply with the following rules for this (or at least some of them).

Nonverbal communication, contrary to all our efforts, gives out our secrets. Girls use this and think they know everything about men. But how to use body language and show a girl that you like her? It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you say it. Girls feel men’s insecurities, and in most cases, failure may follow because of it. Be natural, observe, and a girl will tell unconsciously how and in what direction to move.

How to use body language to attract a girl

1. Look closely at a girl you like and try to draw conclusions

If you don’t know how to use body language to flirt, then, first of all, try to understand what mood she has, whether she is tired or cheerful, what she does, etc. The more information you find, the easier it is to communicate and find topics for conversation. Usually, girls like to look nice, but this doesn’t mean that they are good at communication. It is important to look at her movements so as not to be disappointed. If manners, gestures, the behavior of a girl are similar to yours, then your interests will coincide with the greatest probability. The language of gestures in non-verbal communication never lies compared to words and appearance.

2. Smile at her

Remember that girls like cheerful and smiling guys much more than gloomy marginal men who try to express the depth of their misanthropy. Therefore, it is simply silly to skimp on smiles. It costs nothing and it is pleasant to receive a gift in the form of her smile.

3. Radiate confidence and calmness

A timid little boy, who is afraid to raise his eyes, will cause interest only in a psychologist who is actively looking for a client. Basically, women believe that only confident men are worthy of attention. So, it is necessary to know how to use body language correctly.

what body language means4. Look into her eyes without looking away

A firm and unblinking masculine look invariably “catches” some ladies. They immediately want to obey. Sometimes you can say just hello but not with a banal nod of the head, and not traditional “hello”. A good option is to silently put her hand in your hand, looking intently into her eyes. It blows the girls’ minds.

5. Don’t forget about the distance, at which you should stand so as not to frighten her

Girls don’t tolerate intrusion into their personal zone without their consent. If a girl likes you, you can start invading her personal zone. Come up to her, try to touch her more often, so that she doesn’t perceive you as a friend but as a man. Don’t forget to follow the reaction and adjust your behavior. This is how to use body language to your advantage.

6. Be a mystery for her

If you don’t have enough time, then end a conversation at the point when she is strongly interested in you. Then she will want to see you again.

Try to answers such questions:

  • Does she touch you?
  • Does she react positively to your touches?
  • Does a girl laugh at your jokes? By the way, an increased mood in your presence is a good sign.
  • Is there a dynamics? Is there an increase in the intensity of the signs or an increase in their number? The most common mistakes are the loss of the process.

And one more detail that can confuse you: imagine that you see a girl with shiny eyes, a smile and a bunch of sexual nonverbal signs. You are near and draw the conclusion that it’s TIME to pick up her. But in fact, she sat so before you came and will sit so after you go away because very recently she had a hot guy. And she is still thinking about him. That is why body language is hard to interpret in some cases. All these gestures and many others are the unconscious manifestations of our thoughts, although real seducers use them quite consciously. It is known that gestures are capable of “catching” both a person who understands nonverbal communication and someone who doesn’t know anything about it. Gestures, which are born on the subconscious level, are created to influence the subconsciousness of another person too. So, following these tips, you can pick up a girl you like whether she wants it or not.

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