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You've been dreaming about ideal dating life. First, you've been thinking that you are going to date as many girls as possible. Then you've started dreaming about finding that one perfect girl with who you will spend the rest of your life. Then, once again you've started dreaming about dating everyone. Then, your dreams have changed once again. But why you continue dreaming all the time? Well, the reason behind that is that you are not lucky in dating. And no matter how much you think about it, you cannot find the reason why your dating always falls flat on its face. As a result, you've started seeking advice from your friends and acquaintances until one of them told you, "Maybe you're just not boyfriend material?"

signs a guy is boyfriend material

It gave you the fear of being not boyfriend material. But that fear remained irrational, as you've been told about the possibility of not being something that you have no idea about. After that, you started searching throughout the web to find out what the hell is boyfriend material. Well, that's the most likely way that you've ended up reading this article here. So, you want to find out are you a boyfriend material or not? First, you need to figure out what is boyfriend material.

What Is Boyfriend Material?

"Am I boyfriend material? That guy that told me that I'm not, is his boyfriend material?" That's the question that may continue running through your head. Things are going to get a little bit easier for you after you learn what boyfriend material is. If we consult the Urban Dictionary, you will find such a description of boyfriend material:

A guy who has the right traits in order for him to qualify for being someone's boyfriend.

We shouldn't forget that beauty lies in the lover's eyes. Thus, the traits that can make you qualify to be someone's boyfriend may vary from one of your love interests to another. It basically means that qualities that can make someone a good boyfriend material may not only differ but be contrary to each other. So, does it mean that there is no boyfriend material checklist? On the one hand, the answer is "yes," as being a good boyfriend material for someone means having traits that correspond to the traits that an ideal boyfriend must have to her mind. On the other hand, the answer is "no," as there are certain universal traits that you should have to become a boyfriend material.

Signs of Boyfriend Material

While we could have gone into torturing in with a vast array of long descriptions of what a boyfriend material is, it is much easier to get you acquainted with the qualities that most guys who qualify for good boyfriend material. So, to provide you with a more or less clear picture of what we are talking about, we offer you to check out our list of signs that a guy is boyfriend material without any further ado.

1. Expressing Your Affection

The guy who is a good example of boyfriend material never tries to hint to a girl that he likes you. He goes straight ahead and breaks it to her. But not a rude way. A good boyfriend material knows how to express his feelings and how to let her know that he likes you. That includes being straight with his words as well as compliments, gifts, flowers, etc.

how to be boyfriend material2. Ready for Commitment

Real boyfriend material is ready for commitment and for a monogamous relationship. There are no ideal boyfriends who like screwing as many girls as possible. The guy who qualifies for boyfriend material is in love with his girlfriend and, despite realizing that their relationship may not last forever, dreams about the fact that romance that lasts throughout life is possible.

3. Being a Great Lover

A guy who can be considered a boyfriend material is a great lover. In other words, he is fantastic in bed. He is always open for the experiments, and he is never selfish. He cares for the satisfaction of his girlfriend. That, while not primal, but one of the reasons why she wants him to remain her boyfriend.

4. Eagerness to Compromise

Speaking about selfishness, if a guy qualifies for good boyfriend material, he is not selfish not only in bed but in his relationships in general. He always minds the interests of his girlfriend. He would always discuss everything with her before making a decision that will affect them both. A guy who is good boyfriend material has a clear understanding that there are two people in a relationship, and you can't think only about yourself.

5. Knows What He Wants

A guy who can be considered a boyfriend material always know what he wants. That is an important aspect, as girls generally don't like guys who don't know what they want from their lives or what they want from their relationships. Not knowing what you want while being in a relationship is the unhealthiest form of egocentric. It's like you are allowing your partner to decide for you, only to have a guarantee to blame them afterward as they've forced you into submitting to something that you didn't want. Needless to say, that a guy who acts like that can never qualify as boyfriend material.

How to Be Boyfriend Material?

Now, we are coming to the most interesting point of the article. How to become boyfriend material? Is it possible to become one or you need to be born this way? Well, a boyfriend material is pretty much about manners and decisions you make, as well as how you make them. We've already provided you with five traits that you can start cultivating in yourself in case if you want to become a boyfriend material. But of if the guy who told you that you are not boyfriend material was wrong? Is there a way to check how much of a boyfriend material you are? In case if you are still wondering, we offer you a possibility to check. Take our small boyfriend material quiz and depending on your answers, you will be able to tell whether you think as a boyfriend material or not. So, let's head to the quiz without any further ado.

Boyfriend Material Quiz

Now, you are going to take a quiz that consists of five simple questions and depending on your answers, you will be able to determine whether you are boyfriend material or not. Even if your results are not that great, there is no point to get disappointed, as you will be able to figure out your weak spots and realize what you need to improve.

Your Ideal Date Is:
a) A stroll through the park;
b) Watching movies;
c) A coffee date;
d) A few drinks at a local bar;

2) How many long-term relationships have you ever been in?
a) None;
b) One;
c) Two;
d) Long-term...what?

3) How would you break up with your girlfriend?
a) I would ignore her till she understands that it's the end;
b) I would leave without explanation;
c) I will tell her that we break up, but I will put the blame on me;
d) I will tell her that we break up, and explain why our relationship didn't work;

4) What is your favorite sex position?
a) Girl on top;
b) Doggy-style;
c) Man on top;
d) I'm open for the experiments, especially if she is into them;

5) Is it okay to look at other girls when you are in a relationship?
a) No!;
b) If the girls are beautiful, why not?
c) It's okay to look if you're not going any further;
d) All I can see is my girlfriend;

So, now after you've finished picking up your answers, we offer you to the explanation behind each of them. Let's check out how much of boyfriend material you are.

1) Your Ideal Date
a) Well, that can show you as great boyfriend material. You are absolutely sure that you are going to make a great couple, and you are confident that you and your funny stories may be enough to impress her. Moreover, such a date shows that you are really interested in her, as you are ready to hear her stories.
is he boyfriend materialb) Well, not that it doesn't show you as not being boyfriend material. You are just less confident about yourself. Cinema is a perfect variant if you are not sure whether you will have something to talk about or not. If you won't, you can always discuss a movie that you've just have watched together.
c) A coffee date is absolutely okay; you both feel comfortable and relaxed. It actually says nothing about you being boyfriend material or not. As a park or cafe – who cares as long as you are eager to get to know each other better.
d) Well, that can be okay, but it may show that you need alcohol to feel confident. Not that it says that you are not boyfriend material, but your prospective date mate may not be impressed.

2) How many long-term relationships have you been in?
a) It says absolutely nothing about you as boyfriend material, as there is no data that can allow anyone to make an analysis.
b) Great, especially if it was one long-term relationship that lasted for two or more years. It shows you as perfect boyfriend material who is ready for commitment.
c) You are even better. If you've been in two long-lasting relationships it means that you are ideal boyfriend material.
d) Well, you can get it from your response. Remember? Monogamy and commitment are the two main components that make ideal boyfriend material.

3) How would you break up with your girlfriend?
a) Coward! That never works, it hurts her and shows you as an idiot.
b) The same result.
c) Oh, great! But still cowardly. You don't want to get into the details, so you would just say something that she would like.
d) Now that's boyfriend material. You tell it to her straight, and you provide her with the explanation why it didn't work. Even if it was her fault, it would be great for her to hear that not to make the same mistake in her future relationships.

4) What's your favorite sex position?
a) Okay;
b) Okay;
c) Okay;
d) Now that's the boyfriend material! You are a great lover and sex with you is always something new. And the most important part of the sex for you is her satisfaction.

5) Is it okay to look at other girls when you are in a relationship?
a) You really think that way or it is the way it should be?
b) And your girlfriend is absolutely okay with that?
c) Well, one leads to another. You never know when you can cross the line with the attitude like that.
d) Congratulations! You are an ideal boyfriend!

Am I Boyfriend Material?

Well, now you can easily figure out whether you are a boyfriend material or not. Even if the results of the quiz proved that you are not and that your friend was right, there is no point to get upset. Now you know everything you need to know on how to be boyfriend material, so use it to improve yourself and your dating life.

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