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Love… this word was interpreted by many of philosophers, scientists, and geniuses of the past. Nevertheless, thousands of years after the first mentions of an inexplicable human language, we are still unable to understand and finally uncover the mystery of this unknown mysterious sensation that lives in the depths of ourselves.

how hard is it to find love

Finding love in the modern world: is it really that hard?

We all want to meet love, find a couple, create a family, raise children, and live a happy life. It is unlikely that someone dreams of being alone. And each of us has the image of that desired partner in the head. Today, more and more people suffer from loneliness and constantly wonder — why is it so hard to find love?

Here are the reasons why it is so hard to find love:

The first reason: there is no patience

Our ancestors said that great victories come slowly. The same happens with love. But the modern world is a world of speed, multitasking, and movement. Therefore, we want to achieve success as soon as possible: find love quickly and immediately give birth to a child; we want to experience a serious relationship, not waiting for the maturation of true love. It is this impatience that makes people think that falling in love is true love. But, actually, real love is experienced by time. So, if you want to experience this feeling, don’t rush to draw conclusions.

The second reason: people give up easily

Another big problem is that we can easily give up. Patience, self-confidence and the ability not to give up will help you get through even the most terrible route in love.

places to find single ladiesThe third reason: the fear of responsibility

The next reason why it is hard for us to find true love is the fear of obligations, and then their fulfillment. Many believe that a serious relationship will forever bind people. It is the fear of responsibility that repels many of true love.

The fourth reason: no free time

Super hectic lifestyle, early timing, non-stop and vicious lifestyle, and endless work leave us no free time. Perhaps your true love has already passed you by, but you were too busy to notice it.

The fifth reason: the fear of losing the "second half”

As long as you think that you can lose your second half, you live only with this fear, not with real love in your heart. This fear makes you nervous and doesn’t allow you to build the “right” relationship. You are so afraid that you do absolutely opposite actions that don’t strengthen your love but ruin it.

Why is it difficult to find a woman of your life?

Why is love so hard to find? Many people on Earth are alone. They are in search of ideals. But it is not so easy to find a soul mate. Let's figure out why this happens, for what reasons men and women experience loneliness and what stereotypes in relationships exist. One of the most common misconceptions among men is that many of them dream about the bright, beautiful and attractive appearance of their chosen one. Many want to see an attractive woman in lacy underwear who prepares a delicious coffee every morning. However, not everyone understands that sexy underwear will be replaced by more comfortable one after a while because it is practical and there is nobody to seduce anymore.

Moreover, a person is accustomed to getting used to every appearance. Therefore, if you are polygamous by nature, then no lacy underwear will keep you from having an affair on the side. There are three main features how you should choose your girlfriend. Many men don’t pay attention to them from the very beginning of relations and then experience disappointment.

Firstly, you need to have excellent sexual compatibility. You should have not only a similar physiology but also views on the sexual sphere in life.

Secondly, you also have to have similar views on material values since a man and a woman should treat money equally so that there will not be serious problems about this in the future. However, this also applies to the methods of earning.

Thirdly, it is household compatibility. If you like to live in a mess, then never have a relationship with a clean perfectionist and vice versa. It can poison the life of both of you.

How hard is it to find love? Not so hard as you think. Whatever the reason, you should understand that true love can be around you. Maybe you just don’t notice it. You have to cultivate it in oneself. Only those who happy can build a happy relationship.

Best places and ideas to find a single lady

how hard is it to find loveThere are many places where you can find single ladies. For this, it is not necessary to attend some exclusive events, spend money, and spend a lot of time. It is possible to get acquainted with a girl almost in any place where there are people. Thinking about where to find single ladies, you should start by saying that you have to be ready to get acquainted at any time. Nice hairstyle, neat clothes, and a nice smell will increase the chances of getting acquainted in several times.

What are the best places to find single ladies?

We can list a million places to find single ladies, but the most popular of them are:

Cafes and restaurants

According to the youth, these places are the most favorable for dating. Practice shows that acquaintances in these places are very successful. There, you can make a compliment about woman’s taste. To continue the conversation, you can ask a variety of questions: you can ask her opinion about new trends in fashion, films, music, etc. You can safely tell her about any event that happened to you. Most importantly remember that the most interesting interlocutor is a well-informed interlocutor; that one who can maintain any conversation.

Friends of friends

This is one of the best ways to find a girl for dating. In the environment of your friends, there are necessarily young ladies who don’t mind to get acquainted with a handsome man like you. In addition, in this case, by the time you get acquainted, you will have some information about the representative of the fair sex you are interested in.

Courses and trainings

Courses and trainings are the best places where to find single ladies. At such events and classes, it becomes clear that you can get acquainted with a decent girl. Here come the ladies who have life goals, strive for the best, and develop themselves. And, for sure, they appreciate the same guys. The chance to find a new acquaintance here is great enough.

Parties with friends (birthdays, weddings, etc.)

Usually, girls like parties and this means that there is a great chance to find a new acquaintance. Of course, this can be called the best place to find single ladies. Such activities almost always involve alcohol, so girls are more talkative and may not notice embarrassment and timidity. And the easiest way to start a conversation is by inviting the girl to a dance.

Work in a female environment

An office romance often turns into serious relationships. So offices are best places to find single ladies as well. There are many business centers where you can meet a decent girl. During the work process, relationships are tied freely and easily.

Malls or markets

It's quite easy to make a conversation in such a place. You can ask a girl to help choose a product or gift. Usually, ladies are happy to advise on this. And you can invite a lady to a cafe in thanks for this.

where to find single ladies Parks

Of course, this is not the best variant where you can find local single ladies in the winter. But this method works well enough in the spring or summer.

Special parties for dating

The easiest way to get acquainted is to contact a dating agency or come to a so-called flirt party. Here you can be sure that all the women are free and actively interested in acquaintance. If you don’t find a suitable woman, then you will just have fun and spend your time interesting. The disadvantages of this method are that such agencies and parties exist mainly in large cities and it is difficult to know the true essence of a person. But if you don’t get acquainted, you will not need to spend time and nerves to get rid of an unpleasant person. In addition, there you can also meet people with whom you have similar interests.

Night discos and clubs

They are considered one of the socially adapted places for acquaintances and pleasant pastime. But you need to be ready to meet the girls who simply will hunt for money and drinks, giving nothing in return. These places don’t suit every man.

It is also possible to get acquainted in theaters, movies, gyms, fitness centers, dog-walking areas and other public places, find single ladies on Facebook, as well as at a resort or in various tourist trips. But remember that a holiday romance that is limited only to sex may end as soon as you land on different sides of the world.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to get acquainted and find your soulmate. The main thing is not to sit and wait when love comes. You have to act and then you will not think about how and why it's so hard to find your love. In order to get acquainted with a girl, it is important to be always attuned to communication. A positive view and attention to people will help find a decent couple for a romantic relationship.

Sum up

Look at your life, the actions you do, emotions, desires, and thoughts. If you want to find love, then start with yourself: look for yourself and if you manage to find even a small part of yourself, then everything will become clearer and the world will change. Without finding yourself, you can never get to meet true love! There will be times when you will meet women who will love you and you will love them. And it would seem to you that you could find someone who you were looking for. But after a short time, everything will repeat: quarrels, breakups, misunderstandings, etc. and you may experience disappointment again.

In this case, in order not to walk in a closed circle and not to make the same mistakes, after meeting a woman stay with her for always! Attach all your efforts to open your heart. Then you can really understand the essence of the nature of love and understand that any searches and expectations are not needed, that you can love even that woman with whom it seemed impossible to live. But such complexities reveal the most intimate about love.

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