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Some sociologists call the 21st century the age of extroverts. World globalization has provided the conditions for the emergence of modern means of communication: e-mail, messengers, social networks. It seems that we have become so close to each other as never before. However, there is a paradox: the closer we are all connected with each other, the higher the level of social anxiety and personal psychological tension of each individual there is. This is due to the endless need to please the society, which every day puts new slats, which are not so easy to conquer. Hence the dissatisfaction with oneself, and hence the reduced coefficient of happiness. Many people, trying to find a couple, completely forget to enjoy life. But human’s life, as you know, has a tendency to end. Sooner than most of us think.

But not everyone is subject to this annoying absurdity. In a cake called "socium" there is a thin layer of people who find their happiness in being single. For them, being single is not equal to being lonely. It is not a personal tragedy, but a conscious choice, which means freedom and independence. Let's talk about this a little more.

funny memes about being single

Being Single in the 21st Century - What's It Like?

As you understand, we will talk about the life without relationships with women. I do not want to deceive you, but first, after parting, we are all depressed and do not think that being alone is good. We think that being single sucks. This is natural. However, then the sadness passes (at least it should pass), and everything again returns to its track. Each of us at least once in a lifetime, at least for a short time was lonely, but not everyone realized that this is not a curse. It may be a blessing if you think and act properly.

The first few days after the parting – this is a painful period: you do not feel the presence of the usual warm body, and this is unbearable. You constantly think: “I'm tired of being single”, but do not hurry to call her or him.

You are physically lacking the presence of a person nearby - as if someone amputated you a leg or arm. It is something like a phantom pain: you realize that there is no living person near, but you cannot encroach on her side of the bed. And one day (it was the case), I dared and stretched out in the direction where she used to lie. And then it dawned on me: now I have the whole bed at my disposal! Straight next to me were untouched and cool sheets, and they were always there.

Now you can stretch, flounder with arms and legs - and yet there is an extra pillow! The realization that now all this giant bed belongs to you only is something like a triumphant liberation. From that very moment you stop being abandoned, you begin to enjoy the company of yourself. The pleasure of a bed without the ex-partner is a symbol of your emancipation from it. Now, if you sleep at least diagonally, you will be good, boy. Enjoy it. Now you are ready to check some funny memes about being single and feel guilty.

You can hang out with friends until six in the morning. You can turn off the phone on the weekend. You can play football at your place. You can sit in the restroom as long as you want. You can stay at work until you will be the only person in the whole building. You can go where you want. You can watch any movies you like, not choosing them with your girlfriend - and you can even go to watch them at the cinema. You can eat what was "harmful to her figure." You can spend time and money with your friends as much as you want and not to clog your head with unnecessary information such as the birthday dates of her friends and why you cannot skip a visit to her relatives. You can flirt with the waitress. And go to a strip club. Oh yeah. It's very fun there. If the one hates being single, he never tried it, mind you.

You can learn how to be okay with being single. To be single is a gift. And it is true. You must understand this and appreciate the time alone with yourself before you fall in love with someone again. When no one is around, almost limitless opportunities open up before you. Now, every day can end really unpredictably: in any place, in any company, at any time - and there will be nobody to blame you for it. No commitment. Nothing ties your hands.

There is only one little problem. No, that is not a problem - just a little inconvenience. Sundays. There cannot be two opinions on this point. Sundays are for couples. They are ideal for different activities together. how to be okay with being singleOn Monday, we are all good fellows and ready for work, but Sunday is filled with postcoital laziness, and for some reason smells of homemade baking. Sunday is like a reward for couples living together, who have been trying hard all week long, peacefully coexisting side by side with each other. This is the day when everyone is pacing around the house in their underpants, having breakfast after dinner time and taking a shower together.

On Sunday, my single bro, you won’t have any sex, like the rest of the non-bachelor world. In fact, I do not even know what else fits as well into the wax palette of the list of Sunday activities. Yes, you can watch many films, clean and wash, ride a bicycle, try to ignore the fat question: "Why the fuck did you not have sex today?" This is the only day of the week when you are sad and tired of being single. As if something is missing out from your life. Even if you know that you do not need a relationship, it still seems to me, it would be an excellent opportunity to establish relationships only for Sundays. That's it. But six is better than one. You will feel good six days per week instead of only one, even if it is Sunday.

10 Benefits of Being Single

If you are a desperate bachelor, then we have good news for you. So what’s the matter? The fact that you're a lucky boy because the life together, which seems like a holiday to you, is not as good as you think. Happy couples are mammoths of the world of relationships who are afraid to even think about the fact that they made the wrong choice. Sociological surveys, which are held regularly in the States, only confirm our idea. We, of course, do not want to impose the idea that to live well is to live single. We just want to help you relax if you suddenly feel sad about your solitude. We will help with the word, and you help yourself with the deed. Check this list of benefits of being single.

1. People in relationships often expect that their partner will meet common needs. They see themselves as a single whole, not personalities. In the end, everyone forgets about their own desires, and this makes us unhappy. We think for two of us, not for ourselves. In addition, we absolve ourselves of the responsibility for happiness because there is a person nearby who is also responsible for it. Loneliness fundamentally changes the attitude towards happiness because there is no woman for whom you can hide and cry. You think more about your wellbeing, mental state, work, hobby, small joys. That is, everything that pleases you in life is now your personal choice. You do not think for another person, you do not need to find "something in common." You just do what makes you happy. You say: "how to enjoy being single?". And we will answer that to be happy being single is real. But to be happy in a bad relationship is something from the category "mission impossible."

2. So how to be okay with being single? It’s easier than you think. Just look at the next benefit. There are many factors that affect how you work. If your girl is waiting for you at home, then the last part of the working day is not important for you - you try to do everything in one moment, you ignore the details, treat your work as an absolutely irresponsible person. And it's not so bad. When you are constrained by relationships, your mobility is lost. And this is really bad. You are not in a position to just take over and quit your old job and drive somewhere to Paris to start your working life again. If you think that your girlfriend will be happy about your career prospects, then you are just mistaken. We will have to rely on her desires, which will tell you: "No, we can’t move - I have a family here". It is also more profitable for the employer to hire bachelors. The fact is that bachelors more often stay late at work, and they are faster in climbing the career ladder – the employer can rely on a single employee even on weekends because no one is waiting for them at home. Sounds sad, but not for career growth.

3. Living alone is a test for the individual, which leads to complete autonomy, psychological and physical independence. Single people often take strong-willed decisions, they are less afraid and more confident in themselves because they know their own worth, they know that they can survive in this monstrously complex world without a sexual partner. They are able to control aggression, empathize with themselves and find harmony even at the most difficult time.

4. One survey about perks of being single in the UK found that most of the married people lose physical activity. They become thicker, slower, weaker. It could be written off to the age, but survey data also suggest that unmarried or divorced people lead a much more active lifestyle. How does this happen? The obvious explanation is that a single person subconsciously tries to stay in a good physical shape to attract a potential partner.

5. There is no doubt that loneliness can become a dangerous source of stress. Everyone knows about this. However, for some reason, everyone forgets that in long-term romantic relationships, people also feel lonely. And this is the truth of life. When you are a loner in full meaning of this word, then you invest your time in communication with girls, establishing relationships, flirting, whatever. You can always find someone not to be lonely if you make an effort. But what happens if you have a woman, but you feel lonely? Then you will be locked in a cage that will not let you go. So your fear of being single is not the biggest problem that a person may face.

how to be okay with being single 6. Let's face the truth like men should do. If you have the slightest sleep disorder, then it will be difficult for you to sleep in the same bed with another person. You'll stay up late watching TV, playing on the phone or listening to audiobooks. If you already do it, and you have a girlfriend, then you should know - it's all because of her. Walking in a dream, insomnia, nightmares - this is also the result of your desire not to be a bachelor. There are, of course, exceptions to the rules, and sooner or later everyone finds a way to fall asleep, but the fact remains - it is easier to sleep if you are single.

7. If you do not have a girlfriend, then there are no domestic obligations, like: "Today you mop the floor, and tomorrow is my turn!". In addition, there will be no schedule for eating, sleeping, waking up, going to the store. Guys who have got their other halves, understand what we mean - you always have to adjust to the schedule of a girl, and she's on your schedule. This is not convenient for anyone.

8. Think about this: singles are more likely to occupy a leading position in society, they cope with stress better, they are more mobile. We'll even say more: RAND Corporation, which studied the overcoming of post-traumatic syndrome, found that single people overcome mental and physical trauma much better.

9. Do you know the eternal story that a good guy had many good friends, and then came a strong and independent woman and took away all his friends? And the guy stopped being good - he became a dull piece of shit. We are sure that among your former friends there is such a guy. "The former" because they stopped hanging out with you because of the woman. Think about it, buddy. That’s another dope reason why being single is awesome.

10. You're a man, so bear a traditional nuisance. So, you will spend a lot of money on relationships - on clothes, food, for everything. When you live with a girl, even the most independent and strong, you will still pour money into her. Not because she requires it, but because it's in your blood - men give gifts to women, pay for them in restaurants. We are pleased with the feeling that a girl can rely on us financially. And it damn badly affects our personal finances. So if you think you are not that rich boy from Wall Street, being single is better.

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