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The girls that you find on our list are attractive not only by acting talent but also by incredible appearance, charisma inherent only in youth. They have everything - energy, lust for life, sexuality and the desire to show what they are capable of. So meet hottest young actresses and enjoy their talent!

Evan Rachel Wood

hot actress under 30

This girl became known relatively recently - in the early 2000s. At first, she played episodic roles for small TV projects, but her talent came into the field of view of larger filmmakers and she was given the opportunity to try her hand at the big movie. So she became part of the movie "Thirteen". Today Evan Rachel Wood came to a new peak in popularity - it became possible thanks to the role of Dolores Abernathy in the series "Westworld", produced by HBO.

For what we love her: Model appearance, two nominations for the Golden Globe, the nomination for the Emmy, the black belt in taekwondo, the handsome husband Jamie Bell (before getting to know Bell she had a three-year relationship with the main rock freak of the planet Marilyn Manson!), the fans - Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

The sexiest body part: Mouth
What to watch: "Thirteen", "It Happened in the Valley", “Westworld”.

Olivia Wilde

hottest young actresses

She began her movie career as an assistant of casting director. She chose her pseudonym in honor of Oscar Wilde.

In the early 2000s, Olivia appeared in several films, such as "Neighbor", "Alpha Dog" and "Tourists". But she earned the fame after performing the role of Alex Kelly in the television series "Lonely Hearts".

In 2007, Olivia played one of the main roles in the television series of the NBC channel "The Donnelly Brothers", and then got into the main cast of the television series "House M.D.".

For what we love her: bisexual Thirteenth of "House M.D." - the main femme fatale of Hollywood of 2010: Wilde seduced Joaquin Phoenix in the fantastic melodrama "Her" and James Franco in the romantic comedy "Ted". Olivia managed to become an adornment of tabloids, and not only because of numerous frank photo shoots: in 2012 there was information that all the Wilde scenes with actor Charlie Hunnam in the drama "Blackbird" were "real" - and this is with a live groom, comedian Jason Sudeikis!

The sexiest part of the body: The whole body!
What to watch: "Throne: Legacy", "Blackbird"

Jennifer Lawrence

hottest young actresses

Katniss Everdeen from the trilogy "Hunger Games" and Mystique from the Marvel universe - these are the first associations that come to mind when we talk about Jennifer Lawrence. She began her professional acting career in 2006. The way to universal recognition began with a brilliantly performed role in the comedy film "Silver linings playbook".

In the period between 2012 and 2013, Jennifer received numerous awards for her role in the comedy-drama "Silver linings playbook," including Oscar, Golden Globe, and the USA Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.

For what we love her: Beauty, sportswoman (shoots a bow), an activist (supports a dozen charitable organizations) and a very talented actress, who at 22 years became an Oscar winner. If Julia Roberts got the status of a national favorite due to the role of a prostitute with a heart of gold ("Pretty Woman"), Lawrence became famous as a crazy widow. We are sure that this is only the beginning.

The sexiest part of the body: Eyes
What to watch: "Silver linings playbook", "Winter's bone".

Analeigh Tipton

hottest young actresses

Analeigh became known long before she got on the big screen - she is the finalist of the 11th season of the show "American Top Model", the creator and presenter of which is Tyra Banks. Despite not getting into the final deuce, Analeigh signed the contract and devoted several years to the modeling career. But then she decided to change her activity and go to the movies. The girl has a very strong character. According to her, it was formed due to two things: sports and life shocks. As to sports, everything is pretty prosaic here: a girl from early childhood was engaged in skating. However, the life shock, which taught the girl to be strong, is somewhat exotic: an Arab sheik tried to force Analeigh into one of his wives, but nothing came out of it.

The first role was a small episode in The Big Bang Theory, but then the explosion happened literally - Analeigh began to be invited to star in big films. First, there was the "Green Hornet" with Seth Rogen, then - "This Stupid Love" with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon.

Blake Lively

hottest young actresses

Who did not associate oneself with the top fashionista of the Upper East Side Serena van der Woodsen? Only those who compared themselves to her best friend - Blair Waldorf. Blake embodied Serena in life - a fashion model, a fashion blogger, the creator of a fashion store.

For those who want to know what was Blake before "Gossip Girl" - we advise you to see "Jeans-talismans" and "Elvis and Annabelle". In the latter, she plays a participant of the beauty contest, which suddenly dies, and then comes to life in the morgue. It is interesting that 8 years later Blake will once again play an "immortal" girl in the "The Age of Adaline".

The press often attributes to her romantic relationships with colleagues and handsome Hollywood leaders, including Leonardo DiCaprio himself. But Blake chose Ryan Reynolds (a partner in the movie "Green Lantern"). They are happy since 2012 and are already waiting for the second child. They say that they will not stop there. Blake reminded the heroine of the recent "Cafe society" by Allen - there a beauty chooses a house and the birth of children. The actress is more advanced in this regard than this character - she continues to act and conquer the red carpet.

Brie Larson

hottest young actresses

Brie is the only one of all the participants of the top, for whom English is not the first language: in the family of the native of Canada Sylvain Desaulniers, they spoke French. True, in California with a simple French name Desaulniers it was difficult, so Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers became Brie Larson, taking the name of her grandmother.

Brie began the professional career with the series at the beginning of the 2000s, then she began to sing - and even signed a contract with Universal Records. But, thank God, instead of singing career Bree chose acting - and in 2013 there was a film "Short term 12" with her participation, drawing attention of critics to her; and what happened after the "Room", you know yourself - a heap of prizes and "Oscar" as the cherry on the cake.

Dakota Johnson

hottest young actresses

When you have a dad - Nash Bridges, it's weird not to go to the movies. Dakota, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, granddaughter of Tippi Hedren, continued the acting dynasty.

Her acting debut took place in 1999, in the film of her stepfather Antonio Banderas "Crazy in Alabama", where her mother played the main role. Then there was a break for 10 years, the girl graduated from school - and went to the movies.

Small roles in the "The Social Network", "Beastly", "Need for Speed" - and here is the jackpot. The role of Anastacia Steele in the adaptation of the mega-bestseller "50 Shades of Gray" was considered by several dozen actresses, from Emilia Clarke to Alicia Vikander, and Johnson won. At the audition, she read a four-page monologue from Bergman's "Persona".

Dakota Fanning

hottest young actresses

Dakota is acting, it seems, since infancy - and her career in her youth was so successful that she was the only one on our list, who received a regular parody on Saturday Night Live. She is number 1 on many young Hollywood actresses lists.

Judge for yourself - she was acting from five years; everything began with the advertising of washing powder, then there was a series of "First Aid", "My Name is Sam" by Sean Penn, "The War of the Worlds" by Spielberg, the children's "Charlotte's Web" and "Cat in the Hat." Dakota managed to act even in "Friends".

Dakota also worked in the scoring of full-length animated films: Coraline speaks with her voice from the movie of the same name and Satsuki from "My Neighbor Totoro." The grown-up Dakota starred in the three parts of the Twilight Saga as Jane Volturi, in the touching melodrama "Now is Good" about the dying girl, in "Night Moves" with Jesse Eisenberg.

Zoe Kravitz

hottest young actresses

If you ask us about young African American actresses, Zoe is the first girl we want to speak about. The girl's father is a singer and actor Lenny Kravitz, mom is a model and actress Lisa Bonet. Bone and Kravitz parted long ago, since 2005 Zoe has a new father - Jason Momoa. With such a family it's hard to stay away from show business, so Zoe started acting a decade ago.

The last few years have become most fruitful: the actress played in "The X-Men. First Class ", she has one of the main roles in the franchise "Divergent ", and yet she was the wife of Undying Joe in the latest "Mad Max ". Zoe is one of the hottest young brunette actresses.

Maika Monroe

hottest young actresses

Professional kiteboarder Maika Monroe loves adrenaline, extreme sports and is not afraid of anything. That’s why she is on our hot young actresses list.

In the movie world, Maika got through sports - she won the second place at the World Cup and attracted attention - and through advertising. The first role of Maika was in the advertising of the network of restaurants Pizza Hut.

Apparently, thanks to the love of adrenaline, Maika gets the roles of girls who have to fight with something - with a willing psycho ("Guest"), with frightening ghostly consequences of sex ("It Follows"), with extraterrestrial invaders ("The 5th Wave", " Independence Day: Revival ").

Nicola Peltz

hottest young actresses

In the case of Peltz, one can either start off with the argument that the father-billionaire (father of Nikola is a super successful entrepreneur) has secured his capricious daughter the actor's career, or to recall her roles in "The Master of the Elements", the last "Transformers" and "Motel Bates". And you cannot deny the fact that the girl is very beautiful. Yes, she is one of the best young blonde actresses right now!

Bella Thorne

hottest young actresses

And what about young Latina actresses? The girl started her awesome career as a model, but her acting talent could not remain behind the scenes and the specialists from the world of cinema offered the girl a couple of roles. The most famous of them is the role of CeCe Jones in the movie "Dance Fever". She is one of the sexiest best young actresses of a modern world.

Emilia Clarke

famous young actresses

Speaking of young British actresses, we must mention Emilia. Her professional TV debut came in 2009. The girl performed in British soap opera, but this is not the turning point of her career. Emilia is known as Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Due to her talent and amazing appearance, Emilia is one of the famous young actresses who will achieve a big success in the future.

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