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Have you ever heard about the stages of romantic relationship that all couples pass through? Now can you determine the stage of relationship you are presently at? Well, doesn’t matter how loving relations start - all pairs experience the relationship stages mentioned in this article.

It goes without saying, relationships are complex, heartbreaking, yet wonderful and fun. Each one you’ve ever been involved in on your life path will teach you something new not only about what you value most in the opposite sex, but reveal you something unknown about yourself. So, do the stages in a relationship really exist?

stages of romantic relationships​

Stages of love relationships – do they really exist?

Relationships are always entangled. It seems our generation won’t be able to fully realize the amount of efforts and faith previous generations have put into their unions in order to make them last so long. When you’ve finally found someone special, you have to learn to compromise, open up and truly get each other wordlessly. Life is hard, but with the right partner alongside it can become a lot easier.

I won’t be repeating what love is but, I’d certainly like to say that love always grows and evolves. The shivers of excitement and passion that bring two people together are very different from the love that remains ten or thirty years later. Although every single pair is unique, there are definite stages of relationships that will inevitably take place, no matter whom you are dating. Below, there’re ten phases every union will inescapably come across on its way. These phases are not all pleasant, but if your partnership manages to overcome them, it will only make your link firmer.

10 Stages of a relationship couples go through

1. Go on or quit all up?

This is apparently the toughest period among all relationship stages. This phase is unavoidable because a relationship can only take one of two ways - you either break up or you stay together for the rest of your lives. That is an actual fact. There can be no “in between” option, what precisely makes this stage inescapable. Romantic relations are full of ups and downs and sometimes, no matter how hard it may be, the best decision to be made is to call it quits. Though, when your heart belongs to somebody important, you should never simply give up everything you’ve built. Relationships are all about the struggle for love and when you have that special person alongside, you are never going to lay down arms.

2. Intimate continuation

Sexual intimacy is one of the vital stages of relationship building and usually at the beginning of your relations sex is magnificent. stages in a relationship That is because everything is brand new, both of you are only beginning to accept each other’s bodies and their needs and the more time you spend together the better your sex gets. However, there comes a point when sex starts getting routine and sometimes a little dull. This is exactly the right time to start experimenting. There are nearly infinite ways of diversifying your sex life, from role-playing to involving sex toys. Only the sky is the limit. Talk to your partner and find out what she has always fantasized about, then turn those dreams into one sexy reality.

3. The “rut” stage

Well, this relationship stage really sucks mostly because it sneaks up on you. It is like waking up one sunny morning and discovering you are living the same day over and over like a song on replay. While not all people in couples experience this sort of feeling, it is something that every relationship which goes on long enough faces in one way or another. Routine may be alright in many ways, yet in a healthy relationship there must be a sharp turn from time to time. If you keep your relations dynamic, the possibility that the “rut” won’t turn out to be so awful and your love will be able to live through it stronger than ever.

4. The happy couple

This period occupies one of the ruling positions in a relationship stages timeline. It begins when you appear to have gathered all your stuff together regarding the relationship. Your friends ask for your advice, people around oftentimes tell you what a cute couple you are and you guys are totally contented with the flow of events. It is fairly one of the best and most beneficial periods of love in a relationship because this is when you start speculating and picturing the future with your partner. As for many unions, this stage can go on for a dog’s age. The point is that there is something satisfying about being entirely pleased with the situation in your relations, what is wholly marvelous about this stage.

5. The “merging” stage

Once you lovebirds complete the “I love you” level, you unwittingly begin to grow into one another. Among all the stages of a romantic relationship this very one is responsible for “fusing” the two individual “I’s” into the one “we”. It can be tricky because no one wants their other half to change too much. We tend to think that they won’t be the person we fell in love with. However, this stage is really inevitable. If your partner is into baseball or yoga, you will eventually find yourself dive headlong into those things. And this is completely normal, just make sure you keep your own interests alive because there can be nothing worse about a relationship than losing part of yourself.

6. The love stage

The most amazing out of all stages in a relationship because it is the moment when you not only realize, but express you are in love with each other. Love is a term that is thrown around quite unadvisedly with our generation, but a person will understand when someone truly means it. You can sense it when someone truly loves you. Once these three words are out, they are out for good, which is why there should be no rush to say them. However, once they are pronounced, it brings you and your significant other closer to one another both spiritually and physically.

7. Understanding

There may be the stages of romantic relationships when you are literally on cloud nine on your love, but this is the stage when things begin to get real. When two of you begin to get to know each other in details, start sharing memories and begin to truly understand each other’s points of view. This is the stage when you gradually unveil to one another, maintain long conversations and sincerely get to know each other’s souls. Everybody is different and often times, you fall for someone unexpectedly and they may have a different nurture. Throughout this stage, you learn to not just understand the one you love, but you begin to accept their particular personality gaps and all.

8. The “evolution” stage

This phase is among the stages of relationships when you guys have your first fight and recognize neither of you is perfect. This is also the beginning of the two of you actually showcasing your opinions and confronting one another. stages of romantic relationships​Many believe this stage feels like a beginning of the end, however, by no means it is not. This period allows both of you to see how the others deal with conflicts, which is a very telling of a person. This is called an “evolution” stage because it is when you start realizing that if you want to build a durable relationship, you are going to learn how to adapt and compromise.

9. “Back to reality” stage

We’ve reviewed many different stages in relationships, so it appears to be the last but one. This is when the relationship acquires real features, but both of you are still not comfortable enough to be 100% yourselves all the time around each other. Neither of you is ready to set loose the infatuation, however it is really unpreventable. It is a little awkward because you are not sure exactly how comfortable you can make yourself. Sleepovers are still not quite convenient and you begin to notice little things annoying you about the other person, but you are not sure how to approach it yet. This is not one of the lasting stages, but it is definitely present in every relationship.

10. The honeymoon stage in a relationship

This is the last but not the least and, to many people, the splendiferous phase of any romantic partnership. It is usually commenced with an attraction or an uncontrollable desire to be part of each other’s lives. You’ve already established a decent link between yourselves and it is the stage of the relationship to demonstrate your feelings for one another. Throughout this phase, you will try to skip out any drawback of each other, focusing exceptionally on the good. However, it is a pretty specific stage. Many people wish this phase would last as long as possible, but everything must come to a logical conclusion.

Summing it up

Some of the described stages may take more time than the others to pass over and for some people it naturally can take much longer at each stage. Unlikely, some of us can’t fully sense and treat each stage as an opportunity for individual growth or to make a realistic evaluation of the relations or ourselves.

Love can rip people apart like nothing else, yet we still blindly chase it with no rational explanation. After all, when we have finally caught it in our palms, we dissolve our personality in it like a drug in the water. Life and love are both wonderful and being given a chance to share life’s gifts with a loved person is by far the most rewarding way to exist.

Now you’ve finally realized that both you and your partner are made exclusively for each other and look for a happy-end. Exactly! If you’ve been together for a while, you have walked through all of these points. And if your love is still young and fragile, don’t let the bleak sides of these periods scare it off.

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