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You live your life and suddenly realize that something is wrong. You are getting more and more serious, your hair appears to have grayish tone and stuff with women is not as easy as several years ago. What happened? Well, you turned 40. You know that this number has its pros and cons. But today this is not the topic. The older you become, the more you’re thinking about something serious. You spent a lot of time having fun with hot girls no strings attached. However, now everything has changed and you need to upgrade your dating skills. We want to give you a complete guide on what to do when you are single and 40. Are you ready? Then let’s start.

dating after 40 rules

Single And 40: Is It Wrong And How To Make It Work?

Yeah, when you are single and 40 something, dating isn’t what it used to be. In most cases, you have already suffered from difficult divorces or just serious relationships. Rose-colored glasses are not your case anymore.

Is It OK?

The answer is evident. This is the 21st century, baby. If you are single, then either you preferred your job, freedom, short enjoyments etc. over serious relationships and the woman you love or the Universe still thinks you shouldn’t be with somebody yet. You don’t have to blame yourself or even worse, let any other person (even if he/she is close enough) criticize you. Only complete fools allow themselves to be depressed about being single and 40. Are you a fool?

Will it still work?

Of course, the ordinary dating scheme may not really work for you. There is no doubt. But what you can do is to use the new, suitable for you, the one we give you below. Among the traits you need to develop is patience. The speed of dating in your 20s, 30s will differ a lot form the current one. You can hardly go to the bar, find a woman of the age suitable for you and put up the sails. (Still once in a blue moon it is possible.) More efforts is what you need. It can be dating online, doing the professional research (asking your friends and their friends) and be ready to date divorced females or women with children. You will have more chances to find a soul mate among the females who’ve lived their lives and had at least the same experience as you did.

Do not give up on the women in their 40s

It is clear they are not as sexy as young and fresh girls. However, you can’t even imagine how great the relationship is when you’re on the same level with your partner. You want to date on the same intellectual, economic and maturity stage. What is more, they know what they want and feel confident about it. The opinions of others are the last thing 40-year-old ladies care about. They are honest and free to tell everything in your face. Even if you’re an ***hole. It is very interesting and fun to date clever women, don’t you think? However, there is still one disadvantage, which leads us to the next paragraph. They are demanding.

Be confident and don’t date down when you surpass women’s expectations

What the most suitable, high-valued, women want to see in a 40-year-old guy is the following. There is such a new thing called the rule of 6. You got to have a 6 figure income, at least 6 feet tall, 600 horse power car (not really sure whether it really matters), 6 inches in the pants and 6 months out of relationship. This is just a spoken version of their icon. what are the 5 rules for dating after 40​If you have all the points, there is no need to lose confidence and compromise your highest values, beliefs etc. Never waste yourself on somebody who is not worth it. By the way, this problem is widely spread. When a man below the requirements thinks he is not good enough. There are more other things to do when you're single and 40. Find out whether you want such type of baggage.

Therefore, if you still wonder how to survive being single and 40, then follow the tips below and enjoy your life!

Dating After 40: A Useful Guide

At your age a very small amount of men can admit something has changed. But if you’re here, you are ready to work on yourself and improve. That is why we want to help you as much as we can.

A great part of useful things we have already mentioned. Now let’s get back to business and tell you what are the 5 rules for dating after 40.

1. Don’t be a captain save-a-hoe

This is whom no man wants to be. Even for the sake of beauty and perfectness of a lady. Usually such women have been in relationships for a really long time and got used to put everything on their partner. Like he fixed her car, he bought her clothes, he should have left job because she broke a nail and needed a carpool to salon. You didn’t tie the knot for some disaster like this to come and ruin your whole life. These are like energy vampires. From the first sight it seems like everything is great and even your friends have the same opinion. However, having taken a bit closer look you notice at once that she literally drags you down. You can’t develop, advance, even work as this lady takes away every possibility for freedom. Agreeing on captain save-a-hoe status, you say “yes” to unforgivable things. Better rack your brains making such a choice.

2. Update the list of traits

You are looking for a princess, but who is she? What she can or can’t do, anyway? How does she look or even behave? One of the first things to do, having lived 40 years already, is change the image of a lady you searched for earlier. When you were 20, you dreamt about a girl with big butt and breasts. Have your views changed? We think it is rather yes than no. You have spent years tasting various women and now, you must have understood what exactly you’re looking for, what are you expecting from a future date. Do not concentrate just on the appearance, but be even more specific with inner world of your next match. Like what values should prevail, for example.

3. Filter out wrong women

There is a widely spread fear nowadays, which is spelled like “I am afraid to be alone”. Owing to this extremely absurd notion, both women and men dating after 40 make so many unnecessary mistakes. They feel like these 10 years (up to 50) are the only chance to provide happiness until their last days. But no! Haste is waste. And when picking up the low quality goods, you lose your precious years. Do not be afraid that time flows. Do not rush yourself into the dating world right after a breakup or a divorce. This is nature, so be very specific when looking for a lady. Successful dating after 40 involves losses. You date a fantastic female, but know that either she is married or you both have no future. Ask yourself if it’s really what you want.

4. Use online dating after 40

This is the top dating after 40 advice. Why? Well, it opens up so many doors to different nationalities, complexions, appearances, types of behavior…You will have the time of your life here. First, this one is definitely the best when you got little free time. Does work mean a lot to you at this stage? Several hours in the evening watching football will be spent better in front of a computer screen pointing at attractive beauties’ faces. Secondly, you will hardly find a wider choice than here. You will see how many women appear to be single now. Among these are divorced and women dating after 40 with kids. You can at once see a story of her life and only then decide whether to text her or not. All of them are waiting for you. Finally, you firstly find out about a woman and only then have a chance to meet her alive. The chances she dumps you, eventually, in this case are rather low. So why haven’t you used this amazing opportunity yet, huh?

dating after 40 advice5. Do not focus on a single woman

Another one from a bunch of dating after 40 rules is meeting and actively communicating with several women at once. Even if you are sure about your choice, psychologists highly recommend having conversations with other women as well. Otherwise, men especially of your age tend to close off themselves too much and be less attractive to women. If you have created a hub of positive energy in the whole community you’re a part of, nothing but success can be there for you. What is more, it is always easier to choose the best in comparison with other similar things, right? As you might have understood, it works for choosing high-quality women as well. By the way, the low quality ones are the last you need in your 40s.

As you see, dating after 40 for men is a bit difficult thing, but now let’s sum up everything written above.


You are a confident, healthy man looking for a beautiful and mature woman. What you want to do is stick to each advice given here and always remain yourself. Do not rush, because you’ve got a huge amount of time. Find out who you are searching for exactly and do not waste your time, money, other resources on unsuitable women. Women usually say something like “do not waste your pretty girl on some bad**s”. Why don’t you use such a great piece of advice? A number of men were even financially destroyed as they dated wrong women. Also, do not lose opportunities like online dating. Keep up with modern ways to date. Do not belittle you ambitions and values for the sake of any lady. Therefore, digest all the info and take the bull by its horns!

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