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"Girl, can I know you better?" — It is a beautiful phrase. Ironic, original, and most importantly, sincere. But the girls are not more enthusiastic about it than about the request to show her documents. Why is that? We do not know, the woman's soul is dark and full of mysteries. But we know for sure that the following three methods of picking up girls at bars guarantee success, enchanting sex, Thai massage, or at least a phone number.



The First Trick: Joking About Her Cocktail

How to pick up a girl at a bar? A funny joke about her cocktail will help you show a sense of humor and create sexual tension.

The first step: so, you are dreaming of dating Ukrainian women and the Ukrainian girl you like is sitting at the counter and drinking something. First, take a walk around the room to assess the situation - is she alone or with the boyfriend? If there are no competitors, start artillery preparations: wait until she almost (almost - it's important) finishes her cocktail, smile, and establish eye contact. Make sure that the girl responded to you. Sit next to her, order something for yourself, and see what exactly she drinks - this is also important. Behave confidently, as if you cannot assume that she might not want to communicate with the handsome you. Now, it is your turn to act. Start with a careless remark: "Is it true that girls who drink margarita are very emotional?" Or "Is that already (yet) 10 pm, and you are (already) drinking martini?" Do not bother anyone with explaining your idiotic question. Whatever she will say, boldly suggest: "Hmm, well, will you allow me to buy you the same?"

Fixing success: You should use five minutes that ordering will take for an important short conversation. The main thing now is to let her feel that you are interested in learning everything about her, not just whether her bed is creaking or not. This is the threshold which most men stumble at inspired by the first success. The conversation will be easier if you ask the so-called open questions - those that cannot be answered simply with “yes” or “no”. Picking up Ukrainian girls at bars is all about your charisma and imagination, buddy.

couple-on-dateThe Second Trick: Try to Apply Magic

Standing in the spotlight fills your image with an unbearable charisma. Women love men who are able to entertain. That's why “magic” acts as a magnet on girls and helps find a Ukrainian woman even if you were not thinking about it. You should learn them, and it will help you with dating Ukrainian girls.

The first step: Find a Ukrainian girl you like. Got it? When you start your show, make sure your friends act as first grateful spectators. Then turn to the suitable female spectator and ask: "Did you see everything? If you guess how this trick works, you’ll get a prize." If she can’t explain anything, it means she forgot the basics of Newtonian mechanics from admiration. Show the trick once again and praise or lavish her with a cocktail. Simple tricks can be studied in a few minutes. Google will help you!

Fixing success: After explaining the trick, talk to the girl. Start in this way: "Okay, there have been enough tricks today. Tell me more about yourself." Conduct a conversation in the vein of information that she will give out about herself, so she will get the impression that you are an attentive companion. When the drinks are finished, leave. Not forgetting, however, to invite her to the next performance. "My friends and I often meet here. If you want, leave me your phone number and I'll let you know what will be fun next time." This thoughtful and careless offer will provide you with a worthy assistant accompanying each magician.

The Third Trick: Fight with Some Other Guy

Oh, this is the classic! But nevertheless, Ukrainian women are very fond of strong and determined men. So, the girl of your dreams was caught in the corner by an unattractive subject with a lustful gleam in his eyes. Help her to find freedom, and you will get a head start in the game of "acquaintance".

The first step: So, you want to meet a Ukrainian girl. And here she is: just in front of you and it seems that she is in trouble.  Figure out the situation - does she really need a rescue? Pay attention to non-verbal signs: if the victim and the invader stand face to face and keep eye contact with each other, it is better not to interfere - she wants to be kidnapped. If she turns her whole body away and casts pity glances on the sides, then she wants to be freed - go ahead! First, you need to be between them. Spill a drink on yourself and ask for a napkin, pretend that the girl seems familiar to you. Even if she sees you for the first time in her life, she will support the game and will be thankful for the salvation.

Fixing the success: If she has at least a drop of her mind and conscience, she would invite you to sit next to her and make you support a leisure talk about your imaginary common acquaintances. Lavish her with a cocktail. It will look like a part of the plan to save her, not as an attempt to get her drunk. Keep playing the role of the defender of widows and orphans: "I always feel that I need someone to save. My ex-girlfriend (yeah, now she knows that you're immensely single) said that she hated to be left alone in the company of an unpleasant man. "

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